Quantic Desire speak about Star Wars Eclipse as well as why they selected the saga for their following wonderful project

The deepness with which Quantico Desire treats his video games deserves admiring, however regarding his next wonderful job is not much recognized. Star Wars Eclipse indicates a somewhat distant launch, however that does not indicate that some people in the research are giving us some information of what we can expect.

We met Lucasfilm since it was Celebrity Wars. We claimed that indeed quickly because Guillaume de Fondaumiere, basic director of Quantico Dream the director of Quantico Dream describes exactly how as well as why they selected Celebrity Wars: When we satisfied with Lucasfilm, we met them since it was Celebrity Wars * *. When we had the chance to function at Star Wars we claimed yes immediately ** due to the fact that it attracted us. With Star Wars Eclipse we want to add an initial entirely new tale to the Star Wars universe, says director Fondaumiere.

From 3 Djuegos we have also had the enjoyment of speaking with Quantico Dream Our companion Toni Piedrabuena manifested in the offices of the firm where numerous of his secrets told us. They clarified to us why they flee from the term cinematographic adventures in addition to clearing up the reason they no much longer do unique PlayStation video games.

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With Celebrity Wars Eclipse we will undoubted will keep the essence of the research study: With Star Wars Eclipse we will preserve Undeniably the fundamental elements ** of a Quantico Desire game, admits fondaumiere that likewise strengthens these elements.

A very solid story, extremely strong characters , numerous usable characters and also, obviously, provide the gamers the opportunity of transform , through their choices and actions, How the story establishes . The manager confirms that this moment they bet a little much more about the action: We did we really plainly that we are doing an Action experience , so the components of activity will certainly also be very important.