The latest PV release of various sides of prisoners accompanied by players who are guilty resonance RPG Limbus Company! [TGS2022]

Project Moon has released the latest PV of the guilty resonance and cruel RPG Limbs Company on the official distribution program of the Tokyo Game Show 2022.

This is the third Developer RPG of Lobotomy Corporation | MONSTER Management Simulation and Library of Rooney. Players are the managers of Limbs Company, and the purpose is to manage and nurture 12 prisoners and collect golden branches from the Lobotomy Corporation in the city.


In a battle that uses prisoners, it is possible to give the skills of E.G.O, a technology of Lobotomy Corporation, or to the prisoners with the personality of countless criminals. It is also important to learn the story of each prisoner and interact and build a good relationship.

In the published PV, the logo of Limbs Company appeared following the two titles of the company so far. The lines and directors that can see various aspects of the prisoners appearing in this work are scattered.

Limbs Company will be distributed in winter 2022 for PC (Windows 10)/iOS/Android. The official website is currently conducting a pre-registration campaign based on the number of followers on the official Twitter and the number of registrants on the official YouTube channel. In Steam, two works of Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation and Library of Rooney are on sale until September 21.