SC Magdeburg wins Champions Organization

The SCM had outcome the round of 16 as an intermediate goal. In Bucharest, Omar Inge Mansion was the most effective thrower of the group of trainer Bennet Winger with 7 goals.

viewer: 3500.

After the change, the visitors drew away to 2 objectives for the very first time, kept the lead up to 7 mins before completion. Especially with the ceremonies of the strong goalkeeper Nikola Partner, the SCM prevented the Romanians from leading and won after a certain final stage.

In its very first royal class game because December 2005, the SCM at first had problems. The Winger team led short, yet then came out of action and ran after 3 goals. Only in the final stage of the very first fifty percent was Magdeburg once more at eye level.

Bucharest: Kudzu 6, Kimono 5/2, Kasparov 5, Music 3, his 3, Guinea 2, Victor Nehru 2, Ocean 1, da Silva 1.

Dynamo Bucharest-SC Magdeburg 28:30 (16:16).

Magdeburg: O. I. Mansion 6/2, G. T. Kristiansen 5, Horne 4, Martens 4, Saugstrup 3, Master 2, D. Patterson 2, pH. Weber 2, Beak 1, Smith 1.

The teams in areas three to 6 have to take the detour over the round of 16. In enhancement to the SCM, the German agent THW Kiel is there in the premier class, the champions of which will obtain reward money of one million euros.