Com2 Bus Meta Bus Me is an experienced shipping company

Com2 Bus, which attracted attention by showing a new concept of giving citizenship to meths users, will participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution Festival 2022, which will open on the first floor of CODEX, Seoul on the 15th.

Hosted by Money Today, GENET Korea, and hosted by the Korea SW Industry Association and ICT Federation, Korea’s 4th Industrial Revolution Exhibition, Korea’s 4th Industrial Revolution Festival 2022 The keynote speech is on the theme of ‘New Experience for Meta Bus Island’.

‘Meta Bus Island’ is a virtual space unit in the meta bus planned and developed by Com2 Bus. One ireland has about 3,200 football fields, and nine these Irish gathers to form a meta bus of Com2 buses. Based on this concept of space, it is the Harbor of Com2 bus to provide more information and services beyond the 2D-based environment.

Representative Lee Jong-il said, If information, content, and services are 3D, the user can move and obtain the information as in reality. We can provide services that were difficult to provide due to cost problems.

Individuals have their own space in meth uses. I expect this space to be different from the house. I think it will be a role to meet people and store and disclose their digital records, In reality, networking between users through the space that was difficult with a lot of constraints is the core of the meths that Com2 Bus thinks.


To provide this space-based meta bus, Com2 Bus is also implementing 3D virtual space that can provide high immersion.

Lee said, If you provide a virtual space that is difficult to distinguish from reality, it will currently technically overload network and device. Metals is important for many users, such as the Internet, because it is important for many users. We have grasped the optimal environment for ourselves, he said. We have realized space at a level that can be used smoothly in the computer of the specifications that are more dramatic than the existing block-type graphic environment.

In addition, In order for unlimited users to enter the space, as in reality, the existing distributed processing method is not enough. The server responsible for a particular area or space within the meths can fluently in consideration of the user’s movement and density. The technology has developed. As in reality, the user will feel the feeling of constantly connecting all the space between the meths movements.

Com2 Bus plans to grant citizenship to those using Meta Bus Island, but not only to issue citizenship, but also to make users the authority of Come Bus and decision-making.