Puzzle RPG Brown Dust & Puzzle, Guild War Update

Neowiz Co., Ltd. (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) announced on the 5th that the mobile 3-match puzzle RPG ‘BrownDust & Puzzle’ has updated the new content ‘Guild’.


The newly introduced ‘Guild War’ is a 4-day PVP (Player VS Player) content. You can participate in the guild where more than 20 users gather, and when the match is completed, you can check the information of the opponent’s guild. A total of two attack opportunities are given, and if you break down the opponent’s defense deck, you will win.

300,000 gold and 300 guild coins will be paid when winning the guild battle, and will be rewarded with advanced contracts, special contracts, and five-star random rights. In addition, depending on the contribution, the equipment reinforced material and the burning gray stone can be obtained.

In addition, it can be exchanged for items such as 5-star heroes, special contracts, and advanced contracts at the event exchange store by collecting the war flag points that can be received when participating in the guild war.

In addition, new heroes and helper have also been updated. First, Eldora, a five-star support type, has the ability to restore the vitality of the entire allies and increase the maximum vitality. The five-star attack, Wilhelmina, has a skill that attacks one enemy three times in a row, and eliminates the beneficial effects of the enemy and gives a harmful effect.

In particular, the five-star assistant, Solaris, who provides a horizontal bonus block of fire attributes, has also been added. In addition, a campaign 31 ~ 33 chapter has been added to check the story of the game.

For more information about the Brown Dust and Puzzle Guild and the new mercenaries and helper, you can find it in the official cafe.