Twitch, 2022 LCK Summer Finals cheering with real -time relay streamers

-In the 28th at 1:40 pm LCK official channel

-Popular Streamer ‘Ambition’, ‘Wolf’ and ‘Flame’ fans will be seen as the final

Twitch will broadcast the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Finals, which will be held at 1:40 pm on Sunday 28th through the official LCK channel and streamer. In addition to the official Twitch Channel of LCK , viewers can watch the game together and communicate in real time on the Twitch channels of ‘Ambition’, ‘Wolf’, and ‘Flame’, which predicted the final.

In the 2022 LCK Summer Finals, the T1 and Zenji will face again after the Spring season. Both teams have entered the finals in both seasons and confirmed the 2022 League of Legends World Championships (Rolled Cup), and this final is expected to be intense to win the Rolled Cup seed.

This is the second time in LCK history that the same team meets in the finals. T1 advanced to the final with the second place in the second round of the playoffs, winning five sets against Damwon Kia.

Zenji defeated the Live Sandbox, who won the regular league with a good momentum, and advanced to the final. It is noteworthy that Zenji will be able to take revenge on the defeat of the Spring Finals in this game, or whether the T1 will win the summer championship.

Meanwhile, League of Legends is one of the most response in Twitch. Twitch uses its own functions such as real-time chat and viewing together to enhance viewers’ immersion and provide various e-sports viewing experiences. In this year’s LCK Spring season, many streamers have fun watching the finals with their fans.