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Soul Hackers 2 key locations Guide

In Souls Hacker 2, when you travel, it will open that several areas in the central line are blocked. Now you need a key to access these areas. Want to know where you can find this key? Do not worry, we have covered you. This leadership will show you key locations in Soul Hackers 2 so that you can move forward in your quests.

Soul Hackers 2 Key locations


In Souls Hacker 2, the upper part of the southwest path and the middle part of the central line will be closed by the door. To enter, you will have to start asking how to access this area.

This is when you encounter timid old man who will tell you that his friend must have closed the door and that he should have the key.

Your mission now consists in finding his friend who has the keys to the locked door. The key that you are looking for is called a bloody key.

The timid old man will also invite you to look for his friend, who may be nearby. Mimi will advise you to use demons to help you find the keys, which is not bad. So, collect your demons and go in search of a bloody key.

Central Upper Part of the Dirty Key

In the upper region, the key can be found in the lower right corner of the card, where you will find Coppa Tengu . It will give you the dirty key necessary for access to the locked area.

However, when you get the key, you will face two enemies. Take care of them, it will not be too difficult. As soon as you overcome them, you can go to the upper part of the southwest path and use the key to go behind the closed door.

upper part of the central line Bloody key

In the middle zone on the central line there is also a locked door, for access to which a bloody key is also required.

In the middle zone, in the marked place, you will find Gremlin . Gremlin will give you a bloody key. This can be used to open a closed door found in the middle area on the central line.