Combo Guide on the Rollerdrom

It is very important to maintain a combo on a rollerdrome. You can support your combo, performing tricks, combining the combo and stylishly killing your enemies. This leadership will provide information on how to maintain a combo on a rollerdrome.

how to perform a combo on a rollerdrome

Unlike other games with a skateboard, where you start combo with the execution of tricks, etc., the combo on the roller begins with the application of damage to enemies. The application of constant damage will increase the Combo counter, and the elimination of one of your opponents will fully fill the counter.

Performing successful techniques, you can reload your active weapon, and timely techniques during firing at enemies will quickly increase the Combo counter, which will also reduce the overall consumption of ammunition of your active weapons.

If you have problems serving the Combo counter, you can save it by collecting Combo coins scattered in the arena. Only five coins appear in each arena. Using coins allows you to maintain a multiplier of combo. However, you will receive these coins only when you find yourself in a really difficult situation.

To preserve your combo monitors, you can spare weak enemies, such as infantrymen, and finish them later, when your combo-meter is about to end.

Save Combo

Each enemy you kill you will add one level to your Combo counter, which means that your combo multiplier will also increase. Now in each arena there are 10 achievements that differ in complexity and goal.


To overcome these problems, you will need to support a high multiplier of the combo and increase the murder time. To get the perfect completion of the game, you need to complete all the tests of the achievements that the game in each arena offers.