Announced theater -style action Phantom Hellcat. Fight with the masked role and aim for a grand finale in the theater world

Publisher ALL IN! Games announced on August 24 the action game Phantom Hellcat by Ironbird Creations under the umbrella. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, and the delivery date is undecided.

Phantom Hellcat is an action game that fights in a world built in a mysterious theater. The theater is captured by the devil, and the guards are watching al1. However, at one point, some of the seals were lost, and the evil forces took the guards to another dimension. The main character of this work is Jolin, the daughter of the guard.


This work, set in the theater, seems to be the concept of a style like a theater. It will be a gameplay that plays an act of a played play, starting with the kidnapping of Jolin’s mother, the guard. As a stage, old castles of Transylvania appeared. In addition, it seems that various fantastic environments with pop culture motifs will appear. The player operates Jolin, aims to rescue her mother by defeating a mysterious existence called Trickstar.

It is said that this work adopts hack and slash-type gameplay in battle. The player fights a large number of enemies and magnificent bosses, using swords as a weapon and slides and dashes. Intuitive combat systems are prepared, and it is possible to decide on powerful continuous techniques and attack using the surrounding environment such as stage equipment. Also, depending on the area, there seems to be a scene where you can use jump actions in the side view 2.5D style.

One of the features of this work is the existence of magic masks. Joline says she can get a specific ability by wearing a mask. There are multiple types of masks, and they will use her abilities in the form of playing various roles. It is also possible to upgrade the mask.

In addition, there are power-up elements in skill-twin format and collection elements on stage. The treasures are hidden, and it is one of the goals of this work to play the stage many times and solve the secrets of the theater.

Phantom Hellcat is being developed for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The delivery date is undecided.