Ionic 6, 37446 units on the first day of the pre -contract… Most ever

Hyundai Motor ‘Ionic 6’ exceeded 30,000 contracts on the first day of the pre-contract.

Hyundai Motor announced on the 23rd that the number of contracts on the first day of the Ionic 6 pre-contract recorded 37,446 units.

This is the first time that the number of contracts has exceeded 30,000 units on the first day of the pre-contract. It exceeded 13,686 units from the existing Ionic 5’s 23,760 units.

An official of Hyundai Motor said, Long mileage and high electricity consumption efficiency seems to have led to good results.

Ionic 6 has a complete charging mileage up to 524km, an electric consumption efficiency up to 6.2km per kWh, 0 → 100km per hour, and 0.21 air resistance coefficients.

The battery pack lineup is 77.4kWh (Long Range) and 53.0kWh (Standard). The 77.4kWh battery pack has a maximum mileage of 524 km when it is fully charged.

The cost is 6.2km per 1kWh based on the 53.0kWh battery pack. It is the highest among existing electric cars.

Huh Jae-ho, director of the semi-medium-sized PM Center, said, Thanks to the minimum minimal drag coefficient and cloud resistance, which is only 0.21, it was able to achieve long mileage and high expenses.

Basic safety and convenience specifications include ▲ wireless software update (OTA) ▲ indoor V2L ▲ forward protection assistance ▲ highway driving assistance ▲ battery heading system ▲ heat pump system.

▲ Active sound design ▲ remote smart parking assistance 2 ▲ highway driving assistance 2 ▲ digital side mirror ▲ 20-inch wheel ▲ wide sunroof are selected.

The price is standard based on electric vehicle detergents, Exclusive 52 million won, Long range ▲ E light 526 million won ▲ Exclusive 560 million won ▲ Exclusive Plus 5845 million won ▲ Prestige 613 million won.