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Wonder Holdings, Wonder People, Ace Tom, large -scale recruitment starts

Hur Min, a famous Dungeon & Fighter’s father, will be hired by Wonder People and Ace Tom, a game developer under Wonder Holdings.

On the 19th, Wonder People and Ace Tom announced that they will recruit large-scale recruitment of game services and global business talents. The open recruitment field recruits talented people from various job groups such as programming, planners, art, etc.

Wonder People is a developer established with the goal of ‘changing the world with a new game’, and by the hot heat of ‘Super People’, which has been acclaimed by users from all over the world in private tests, The policy is to hire a large number of professional manpower.

Ace Tom is a game developer established by the leaders of ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, focusing on ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ and ‘Cyphers’. ‘We have been testing the first domestic test. Ace Tom also recruits talented people who will join the next work to excite gamers around the world.


We plan to service games that will cause great repercussions in the global and domestic game markets by recruiting key talents that can grow with new talents.

Kim Yun-jong, CEO of Ace Tom, said, We will showcase Ace Tom’s enthusiasm for creating a game that will make people happy.

Applications for support can be made through various recruitment platforms such as Wanted Wonder People Recruitment Center, Game Job, Job Korea, and Human.