How to make a side pass in Madden 23

Side passes are quite rare in NFL, but sometimes they are used in tricks, options or games in the last second. In Madden 23, you can make a side pass from almost any place as a player with a ball if you have a teammate behind you. If you want to make a side pass or serve the ball, this is how to do it:

Game console: click l1
Xbox: press forehead
PC: Click Alt *

Pressing the side transmission button will make the player with the ball try to pass the ball to the closest teammate behind him. If there is no teammate behind them, they will perform a fake feed. Be very careful using the side pass, since your player can ultimately convey the ball 20 yards of the linen or embarrassing to try to do it.

In the selected collections of plays there are only a few plays with the developed presentation. Power option, triple option and speed option are runs in which you can use the step movement. Very few textbooks include these plays, but they can be found in collections with mobile QB, such as Ravens.

The lateral pass can also be used when returning with a foot or plane, especially in games where you need to land in the last second. This is still a very risky step that can quickly lead to unpleasant consequences, but if there is no other hope, this is the perfect last attempt before you are seized.

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