Nintendo is investigating complaints of misconduct

Recently Nintendo has had enough problems in its American division, with reports of labor abuse that have basically reached the ears of the entire industry in the world. On the other hand, there has been talk of inappropriate behavior by the staff, and according to the CEO of United States, are already investigating these strong complaints towards the company.

Doug Bowser , sent an internal message to employees recognizing the media coverage that involves claims on workers’ behavior. He wrote that they have investigated and will always investigate any accusation of which there is knowledge, and are actively investigating these more recent and some more backward statements.

This message arose very little time after an interview with contract employees will be revealed, which report the abuses of unfair pay and also sexual harassment through their shared chats. Accusing two specific people, who had no more repercussions than to follow a sexual harassment course.


Last year the company declared that they will not tolerate this type of behavior by their employees, being something that goes against the values that they want to disseminate morally. It was even mentioned that human resources will be in charge of making reports, but apparently with recent comments, much has been done much about it.