Pokemon Go – Joltik: Shiny, rewards. Take advantage of the prominent time of August 16, 2022

While this is not the first time that this adorable creature appears in Pokémon Go, the highlights of August 2022 once again allow you to catch Joltik compulsively. The event takes place On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, from 6 pm to 7 pm. So you only have an hour to capture as many as possible. Here you have everything you need to know about Joltik so you don’t waste time.

Keep in mind that during the prominent time, the following bonus will be activated:

* 2x more candies with capture

General information about Statitik

Types: Bug and Electric *
* Available in the game since January 2020
* Improved Climate: Rain
* National Pokédex number: #595

Is Joltik available in Shiny?


Unfortunately, Joltik is not yet available Shiny in the game, we don’t know when it will be like that (Bichear 2022 would have been a great occasion, but it was another Pokémon who took the opportunity to reveal his variocolor form). Next, you can see what Jolik Shiny would be like (it’s a little more neon yellow).

How to evolve Joltik in Galvántula?

Joltik is one of the simplest Pokémon to evolve. It has only one evolution: galvántula. To achieve this, all you have to do is capture Joltik to get Joltik candies: do not hesitate to use berries to get even more. You will need a total of 50 Joltik candies to turn it into a galvántula.