Multimillionaire agreement between Unity and the United States Army

We know that video games go far beyond being The most powerful cultural and leisure industry of the planet . We already dedicated in this, your magazine, an article in which we talked about its expansion without limits in other media and disciplines such cultural psychology, architecture, education or medicine.

Virtual War

Of course, we also mentioned how the governments of different countries, with the United States and Russia in the lead, used our beloved means to recruit cadets, train their troops and, ultimately, treat their traumatic sequelae after conflicts.

Well, we read in Kotaku that unity , through the technology company Caci , hcultural closed a multimaillanary contract with the US government. Its well-graphic engine will serve cultural a bculturalis for simulators and other programs for the country’s security, supplying the army and the defense agency.

Not everything is a celebration in the company. There are employees who have questioned these types of agreements that suppose a moral crossroads. And it must be complicated to be developing programs that will be used to train real war clculturalhes.


It seems more than demonstrated by multiple studies than commercial video games are not related to violent acts, they also serve to train capabilities and soft skills. In this cculturale the second will be used to pervert the first. A way to unite the virtual and real in a certainly questionable way at the moral level. It is the sign of time, cultural they say. What do you think about it, dear readers? We would like to know your opinion in a cculturale cultural delicate cultural this.