Final fantasy xiv

How to unlock a jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

Part of the collection of Tower of Fantasy relics is Jetboard-interpretation of AIDA surfing boards. This elegant relic will allow you to travel through the seas without burden a strip of endurance, which makes it a wonderful companion for traveling to new places for the first time. You can get this relic at the beginning of the game for free -read on to find out how to do it.

How to get a jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

To get Jetboard for free, you must clear The main story Chapter 1-5 . After returning from Hikros, the quests navigator will invite you to return to the Astra shelter, where you should say with Pala . After this segment, he will tell you to go to the next area, Banges, where you can go using Jetboard. You will receive a relic as a reward and receive a guide on its use.

How to get Jetboard fragments in Tower of Fantasy

If you want to improve Jetboard to unlock additional effects, you need to collect Jetboard fragments, which can be obtained as follows:

Crewing store of the 1st level *-you must join the gang to access this store. It costs the X300 Merit for X1 Jetboard Shard.
Crystal dust store
Box with fragments of relic sr

How to use a jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

Go to the menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click relic to access the relic menu. Click Determine below to choose which relics to appoint your hot keys. Jetboard can be used in any case water C 90-second recovery time . It allows you to endlessly slide through the water using the keys of the Floor and Jump.

Be careful, do not let go of the key keys, otherwise you will fall into the water! In addition, do not press the buttons of evasion or jerk, as they will also disconnect you from Jetboard-and you will need to wait for the end of the recovery time to use it again.

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