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How to unlock transport in Tower of Fantasy

Running on a giant map is a matter of the last century. In Tower of Fantasy, you can explore a huge open world, decorated with a bizarre motorcycle, a robot, flying a car or any other fur floating on your boat. Vehicles help you to move quickly and can help you cross a difficult terrain. They are also photogenic. Here’s how you can unlock vehicles in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get a Mount in Tower of Fantasy

To get your first car and unlock the corresponding menu, you must reach a 90 percent passage mark The main story Chapter 1-4 . At this moment, you will find yourself in Hikros, and Franz will hint that he has a gift for you at the top. After this dialogue, you must talk to Elric, and then with Mi-A, before the game offers you to check the gift. Having risen upstairs, talk with cobalt-b then interact with a motorcycle called the falcon to unlock the menu of the car .

Use the car menu to activate mount, which, in fact, equips it. You can click on V button on a PC to drive a car. While vehicles are moving faster than a sprint, and do not spend endurance, evasion automatically throws you off the saddle.

All unlocked vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

The following vehicles can be unlocked in the game by performing quests, events or collecting components of vehicles:

  • Falcon
  • 2613
  • Pursuer
  • Omnium beast VII

* Voyager
* Monocross
* A vacuum cleaner
* Mehberd

drive your car to find some of the best landscapes Astra. Check out our guidance on where to find all the points of review of the journal of traveling in Astra in Tower of Fantasy.