What is pallor in Disco Elysium?

When most of your isola is surrounded by a phenomenon that absorbs all matter, this can cause anxiety. The world of Disco Elysium is faced with the same problem: the invading substance that destroys all the foundations of the famous world, including language, numbers and sound. The worst news for the inhabitants of this island is that this substance, known as pallor, expands. This is what we know about pallor in Disco Elysium.

pallor in Disco Elysium, explanation

What is pallor?

Pallor, as Joyce Messie describes in the game, is an enemy of matter and life. This is colorless, without smell, without damn it… The transitional state of being into oblivion. Pallor cannot be seen, heard or measured. This is a singularity that absorbs everything from sound to earth and concepts. Currently, takes 72% of the surface of the world although this figure is growing steadily.

Residents of Revachol call pallor dividing fabric between the isolates. This is a force that makes distances difficult , due to the harmful effects of pallor. The only way to cross this dividing fabric is a plane using a compressor of pale latitude. This machine compresses the area between one place and another, forcing pallor to take shape and reducing the effect of this phenomenon on travelers.

pallor harmful?

When people are exposed to pallor, they experience several strange side effects. While short-term exposure causes headache or insignificant discomfort, prolonged exposure can be fatal . Almost every group of scouts who are entrusted with the investigation of sedimentary, either went missing, or went crazy. An example of this loss of reason is shown through the character of the retired, whose occupation is to move by pallor.

When Harry and Kim are trying to talk to this woman, she is sluggish and silent. It seems that she was sleeping in reality, frozen in a completely different reality. Although she manages to choose a few words, she always returns to this detached state.

There are several theories about why pallor so disorientes unprotected people. Some people claim that pallor causes intensive sensory deprivation , due to its absorption of matter. Others argue that pallor somehow consists of past information, which is humiliating. This is a rarefied past, not a sparse matter. According to this theory, the people exposed to re-worry the past, and not always their own.

The character of Suna explains this phenomenon, claiming that you can hear scraps of someone’s conversation, or the voice of your former lover, or an echo of the event that occurred 100 years ago. This stunning stream of information is confusing, the victims are lost in their thoughts, wondering what really. Joyce Messier perfectly describes the effects, saying: The human mind is excessively radiated by the past.

Harry and Kim feel the influence of pallor through the compressor of pale latitude. In one of the quests of the Final Cut version, you experience pain from the torture device created by Ruby. While the machine causes physical pain due to the noise, the types of sounds made by the compressor are fascinated. The Perception skill describes this experience as a thousand radio stations bursting into your head at the same time.

These radio stations include fragments of songs, words in other languages, ongoing numbers and hissing sounds. Their exposure lasted only a minute or two, so it is clear how exposure for many years can deprive a person of sanity.

How do you study pallor?

The study of pallor is known under the general name entroponetics. When asked how people measure an intangible phenomenon, Sona replies: You measure it by its environment -what exists. This process is similar to how scientists study black holes. Since there is no light in the black hole, they study the accretion discs, which are gas and a substance surrounding a black hole, waiting in the wings. Sucked.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to study pale due to their tendency to swallow substance. As Joyce Messie describes: The further you go into pallor, the cooler the degree of suspension. Until the mathematical… the rooms stop working . Nobody has yet overcome the numerical barrier. It may be impossible. The calculations are useless when you are surrounded by condensed pallor. Thus, scientists must study pallor at a distance in order to avoid this cringion of mathematical logic.

In order to directly encounter pallor, Mezhizolated travelers must accept the psychological mode that helps them stay in their right mind . Although this regime was first developed by the admiral, who first discovered Isole, where the action of the disco of Elysium unfolds, mental training soon spread to civilian travelers. To avoid the intensive impact of sedentary, there are still laws that limit the transit of civil seduction six days a year. However, those who went through intensive mental training were allowed to the entropone business class have the right to twenty-two days of annual pale transit.

How can pallor be transmitted?

Pallor is mainly transmitted through compressors of pale latitude. , which, despite their potential use as an instrument of torture, are usually used to facilitate a pale transition. These compressors emit chains of numbers on buoys through a pale area on radio frequency. This translates the measurement into a state of lack of measurement, reducing the distance between two points. This accelerates the journey of the aircraft, although the journey is still far from instantly.

These buoys-transmitters are served by appointed workers who work al1. These is known that workers lose consciousness in just a few years of influence . As in the case of the plediver, we can conclude that the workers become alienated and alienated from real reality, absorbed by excessive radiation of the past.

According to the Disco Elysium concept art fragment, which is visible from above, it seems that pale workers wear special costumes to reduce the impact. Along with mental protection against pallor, physical protection does not seem to be something possible. Nevertheless, there were no lines in the game hinting at the design of these costumes.

are there other ways to use pallor?

In addition to reducing time on the way, there is a book called Medicinal Settlement, in which claims that pallor can be used as a treatment . This book describes how to treat various diseases and conditions with the help of pale, but this seems unreasonable. As for the immoral side of things, The compressor of pale latitude can be used as an instrument for torture although this is not included in the intentions of its creator.


Anyone saw pallor?

At first, this may go unnoticed, but the Disco Elysium title screen depicts pale, encroaching on a revalus. . Twisted, almost ink waves over the city mean pallor and how it grows quickly. Although the in-game characters never saw pallor, the players were constantly witnesses of this. In the upper right corner, a plane is visible, which is entered into islair, which allegedly crossed the integrity strip.

Together with the malicious compressor of the pale latitude of Ruby and the sharp colors used to demonstrate the character’s pain, these two cases are the only visual images of pallor.

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