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Owen Maonis representative, uncertain economy, Nexon will overcome

Owen Maoni Nexon representative announced his strategy of how to develop the game business in an uncertain global economy. Nexon prepares a virtual world business with a popular operation from a long-term perspective. Nexon usually refers to a business called Meta Bus.

Owen Maoni said, Nexon does not require customers, he said. We focus on the micro trading industry, not the macro trading industry. Macro trading in the game industry means pay package sales and micro means F2P (free to play). For example, the method of selling AAA-class games for 70,000 won is Macro, and after the release of the game for free (free to play), it is said to generate profits by increasing the size of the user.

Nexon does not profit gamers or concentrate on the so-called whale users, said Maoni.

Second, Nexon’s business is focused on maintaining, not customer profit, he said. This approach can be difficult in the short term, but it produces better results in the long run. Owen Maoni’s representative compared it to exercise and the right eating habits.

Owen Maoni prayed again for the Virtual World business, which has been emphasized since last year. We are investing in technology that can help the long-term growth of Virtual World, he said. If you secure monopoly technology, you can expand the Virtual World business while reducing costs.

He predicted the Virtual World business outlook 10 times the game business. Nexon said it invests in a company that has been implemented only on PCs on mobile. The company provides the same immersive Virtual World, which was only available for 100 million PCs, said Owen Maoni. This means that our market is literally 10 times larger than 10 times larger. I emphasized.

Owen Maoni also mentioned the new work developed by Embark Studio. According to the explanation, Embark Studio’s Project Discovery is a team-based first-person shooting (FPS) game. Owen Maoni said, There are already many competing works in the global FPS market, so in order for project discovery to succeed, you have to look better than other games.


He said, Fortunately, the project discovery developers are people who understand the global FPS market well, he said. The development speed is faster than we expected. Nexon is planning to test ‘Project Discovery’ beta this fall and is planning to launch the year-end. In the current situation, Nexon believes that the first work of Embark Studio will be ‘Project Discovery’.

Owen Maoni said, We decided to add a new mode because it was delayed. Initially, Nexon planned to introduce ‘Arc Riders’ as the first work of Embark Studio. However, the development of ‘Project Discovery’ is faster than expected, and the order of launch has changed as the ‘Arc Riders’ additional development plan was confirmed.

Owen Maoni, CEO of Owen Maoni, said, The game that has already been released has maintained a stable profit base for many years, and the new game will attract gamers for the next few years. I explained.