Riot reveals the 10th anniversary of the protection of Korean cultural heritage

[Heritage Moon Young-soo] Riot Games released the video of ‘Come Back Home: Lost Cultural Heritage’ through the official YouTube channel of League of Legends (LOL). It is a video that thanks the players who have been together by looking back on the protection and support projects of Korean cultural heritage, which has been lasting for more than 10 years since 2012.

This video depicts the story of regaining the lost cultural heritage with the message of ‘Game is a culture’. ▲ The champion ‘Ari’, which was created based on the legend of the Gumiho ▲ ‘Hae Hoe-mal and Taegeuk pattern’, ‘Shin-Bae Tal Shako’, which contains Korean elements, ▲ ▲ Timo, another champion of LOL, appears, and ▲ Korean traditional instruments such as Daegeum, Gayageum and Haegeum The LOL representative song ‘Summoner’s call’ was reinterpreted to add meaning.

After the video release, the positive response of the users continued. The video, which was released on the official LOL channel on August 3, exceeded 170,000 cases of combined views in one day. Chae-eon, who played Timo’s voice in LOL, responded by saying, Thank you, Riot.

It was possible because I had been with players for the past 10 years, said the general manager of the Riot Games Social Reduction Project. I will continue.

Riot Games has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Cultural Heritage Administration since 2012 to protect and support the Korean cultural heritage, and has a specific implementation plan with related organizations and collaborators such as the Overseas Materials Cultural Heritage Foundation under the Cultural Heritage Administration for more than 10 years. Set it. Riot Games’ cumulative donation amounted to 6.87 billion won, and more than 2 billion won was assigned to the return fund of foreign cultural property. This is the largest private company.

Riot Games ▲ Youth History Class and Camp (5,300 cumulative participants as of June 2022) ▲ Conservation and management support for the four palaces and royal tombs ▲ 3D precision surveying projects such as Seoul Munmun Temple and Sungkyunkwan ▲ Modern houses The Korea Cultural Heritage Protection and Support Project is being continued through various methods such as support for the preservation and management of cultural ruins. In 2017, he won the Presidential Citation in the Cultural Heritage Ceremony of the Cultural Heritage Protection Award Ceremony for the first time in the cultural property and foreign companies.