Destiny 2

How to get a crossbow in Destiny 2

The crossbow is an exotic linear plasma rifle that causes increased damage to enemy shields. This linear thermonuclear rifle is one of the most powerful kinetic weapons, and it should be purchased. The methods of obtaining a crossbow changed over the years, but now how to get a crossbow in Destiny 2.

How to get a crossbow in Destiny 2

How to get a crossbow?


Although once the process of acquiring Arbalest was more complicated, now it has become much easier. The crossbow cannot be bought in a kiosk of the monument to the lost lights, like another exotic weapon, rather, this should be obtained through random exotic engrams .

The crossbow can also be bought from Zura. , as well as exotic engrams from which weapons can fall. Otherwise, players can get a crossbow only from random loss in the world, PVE and PVP. If players can get this Linear Fusion Rifle rifle in their own hands, they must add it to their equipment. The crossbow is a stable viable weapon and is especially effective against the barrier champions.

It was easier to get arbalest before. In the Revelry 2019 event, players could purchase Arbalest for 300 Reveler’s Essence, but only after the end of the Party Hard triumph, which required hard work.

Although it is difficult to get a crossbow, it is a powerful weapon that eliminates the need for Anti-Barrier mods. This frees the slot in your armor, which allows you to use other powerful mods. In addition, it was the first Linear Fusion rifle in its kind, since all the rest of the Linear Fusion before it was limited by a heavy weapon slot. Before Arbalest, linear plasma rifles have always caused spontaneous damage, but this weapon surpassed these expectations and paved a new path for linear plasma rifles.

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