How to repair weapons in Marauuders

If you want to fix a weapon in Marauders, it’s simple. In short, all you need to do to fix weapons and other items is to click with the right mouse button when you are in the Gear menu in the game. After clicking with the right button, the option of the damaged element will appear Option repair it . But for the repair of weapons in looters you need money. Fortunately, you can get money very quickly by completing contracts and Sale of items .


How to sell objects in Marauders

To sell items such as weapons or values received in raids, you must access the trade menu in the main menu. You can find trade menu in the upper left corner of the screen, as shown in the image below. In the Trade menu, you can sell everything that you will bring from raids in Masters. You can sell anything by dragging items in inventory menu of the merchant . You can also see the price at which your item will be sold in the lower right corner of the object icon. Excellent things for sales include various coins that you can find during raids, such as g coins as well as c coins .

how to execute and accept contracts in Marauuders

If you want to conclude contracts for the farm to make money, you can do this by accepting them in the contracts menu in Marauders. You can conclude contracts as from zero to hero as well as daily contracts menu. You can fulfill only one contract in the Zero To Hero mission chain, and you can execute up to three daily contracts. However, you have a limited amount of time to fulfill daily contracts, while Zero To Hero missions do not have time restrictions.

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