PS2 classics: 13 wish video games that Sony absolutely has to come back

Should Sony announce a ranks of PS2 classics tomorrow, these 13 games should not be missing out on: We reveal you those oldies that are eagerly recalling.

PS2 Mini: These games need to not be missing out on

Are the ideal games or are still missing? It is presently not recognized whether and also when Sony will bring out a Playstation 2 Mini.

In the lower picture series we present you a listing with 13 video games, on which Sony ought to only be oriented to develop the perfect compendium for everybody. Since that knows better than your own fans?

Mini gaming consoles are the last scream. After Sony introduced his initial miniature console in 2018 with the PlayStation Standard, plenty of players asked themselves: When will the PlayStation 2 Timeless or PlayStation Mini come-and above all, which PS2 games will exist?