Genshin Impact – all the skills, talents and materials of Dory

Dory is a four-star user of an electro-flamor and an interesting character from a punch who replenishes a number of characters obsessed with Mora. Few people have the same network of suppliers, which allows this tiny boss to purchase the rarest experimental materials for desperate, but her services cost a lot of money. She lives in the palace of Alcasarzar, which is constantly echoing from Mora. In addition, according to rumors, Dory is the infamous Lord Sangema Bay, whose supplier is Alice an adventurer.

Dory-skills, Ascension materials and much more in Genshin Impact!

NURE AREMENTACE: A wonderful dance with swords (modified)

The usual attack *-inflicts up to three successive strokes.
The charged attack K-gradually exhausts endurance in order to perform continuous rotational attacks against all closest opponents. At the end of the sequence, perform a more powerful blow.
Submissive attack —* Blows from the air to hit the ground below, causing damage to the opponents on the way and causing damage to the region when hit.

Elemental Skill: Defended Protection Lamp: A gun to eliminate problems

  • Directs the protection lamp from the spirits to shoot at opponents by eliminating malfunctions, applying an electrical drone to them. When the Fixer Shots hit opponents, they create two rounds of after-sales service, which automatically block opponents and apply an electrodor.
    * cool -nine seconds

Elemental Burst: accuracy alcarzara

  • Causes spirit inside the lamp to provide the client with various types of assistance.
    Lamp Spirit *-connects to the nearest character. The connected character will constantly restore HP depending on the maximum HP Dory and will constantly restore energy. Only one light spirit can exist at the same time.
    cool * –20 seconds


Eye for gold *-After the character connected to the Lamp Spirit activates the reaction of electric heaters, superconductivity, overload, acceleration, aggravation or distribution, the time of restoration of the punishment lamp: the instrumental tool to eliminate problems is reduced by one second. This effect can work once every three seconds.
Complex interest -when shots to eliminate problems or after-sales service from Spirit-Warding Lamp: Trubleshooter Cannon amaze opponents, Dory restores five elements of the elements for every 100% energy reload. Thus, you can restore a maximum of 15 units. Energies per one protection lamp from spirits: a gun to eliminate problems.
Unexpected order -has a 25 percent chance to restore some materials used in creating characters and materials for weapons.


C1: Additional investments

  • The number of Afrer-Sales service rounds created using Trobleshooter Shots increases by one.

C2: Special franchise

  • When Lamp Spirit heals the character with whom he is associated, he launches Jinni TOOP from the perspective of this character, which inflicts 50% damage from Troubleshooter Shot.

C3: The value of Mora

  • Increases the level of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon by three. The maximum increase in level is 15.

C4: Supplement at the discretion

  • A character connected to the spirit of the lamp will receive the following buffs depending on his current health and energy:
    • When their HP is below 50 percent, they receive a 50 percent healing bonus.
    • When their energy is less than 50 percent, they receive 30 percent reloading of energy.

C5: Miracles never think

  • Increases the accuracy level of alcarzara by three. The maximum level of improvement is 15.

c6: spraying weight

  • Dory receives the following effects three seconds after using the protection lamp: a gun to eliminate problems.
    • Electro infusion


* When ordinary attacks amaze opponents, all members of the group restore health, equivalent to four percent of the maximum health of Dory. This type of healing can occur once in 0.1 seconds.

Materials of Ascension

A complete list of materials for Ascension Dory is not disclosed. Below is all the information known to us about their ascension and pumping of talents.

Talent Materials

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