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LOL: Riot Gamess promise for season 13 that reveals one of its great objectives

The big changes that he has received League of Legends have served to satisfy the majority of the community. However, there is a whole sector of the public that reproaches the developer to have ignored them for a long period of time. We talk about the players of the upper lane, who in recent years have insisted on the many problems that this role has in the games. The lack of influence on the result, their isolation with respect to the companions and the constant reductions of power are just some of the usual complaints.

Riot Games’s great commitment to season 13

When a player repeated this criticism about the state of the Top Lane on social networks, one of the top responsible for League of Legends balance wanted to respond. He explained the current situation of lack of resources-both the Worlds and the preseason approach-and said that improving the satisfaction of the players in the upper lane is One of the great priorities for the next season 13 . However, he also left a somewhat worrying reflection to show that this is one of the most complicated tasks that the company can face.

Riot Games has already made attempts to improve the upper lane in the past. However, every time there are changes to new strategies that no player wants to see in their games or generate too many side effects . When the upper lane players have more influence on the map for the use of teleport or other tools, it is the rest of the players of the game that end up despairing for their excessive power. In addition, the proper roles in the invoker’s crack causes Riot Games to have to fight the basic functioning of League of Legends.

The next preseason will begin with the arrival of patch 12.22 on November 16, 2022. The theme or made any advance on what its great novelties will have not yet been revealed. However, we already know that once the developer arrives, it will focus on improving a position that has barely pay attention since season 10 . It was then that Riot Games tried to make a generalized improvement for the Top Lane, but left the project after making a few changes to the objects and without the League of Legends players were too satisfied.