All Dark Souls games in order – in chronological order, for releases and recommendations

Since its appearance in 2009, the Souls series conquered the hearts and minds of the game community. In many ways, the proclaimed one of the greatest series of games ever created, it requires the player of everything and properly rewards these efforts. Given what should relate to the Souls series?

How to play all Dark Souls games in order

Each game Dark Souls in release

A year next to the name of the game indicates when the game came out.

  • Souls of the Demon (2009)
  • Dark souls (2011)
  • Dark souls 2 (2014)
  • Dark souls III (2016)
  • Dark souls: remastering (2018)

* Souls of the demon (remake) (2020)

All games Dark Souls in chronological order

Dark Souls was the spiritual successor of Demon’s Souls, since Sony owned Demon’s Souls intellectual property and at that time did not allow it to publish it on other platforms. Fromsoftware, not having the opportunity to develop a direct continuation, instead decided to create the first of many additional series.

  • Dark souls
  • Dark souls 2
  • Dark souls 3

Recommended Soulslike playback procedure

Everything here becomes fun here. Fromsoftware made many games in the spirit of the Souls series, each of which seemed better than the previous 1. Here the order of the game is completely subjective, since there is no general story, and everyone offers something slightly different from others. Instead, we will move from the best to the worse.

  • Bloody (2015)
  • Elden Ring (2022)
  • Octiro: Shadows die twice (2019)
  • Dark souls III (2016)
  • Souls of the demon (remake) (2020)
  • Dark souls: remastering (2018)
  • Dark souls 2 (2014)

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