Introducing Nobunagas Ambition / Shinsei. Nobunaga Odas pre -play experience that relies on excellent vassal by the return group

Koei Tecmo Games will release Nobunaga’s Ambition / Shinsei on July 21. The compatible platform is PC/PS4/Nintendo Switch. The normal version price is 10780 yen including tax. This work is the latest work of the historical simulation game Nobunaga’s Ambition series set in the Japanese Warring States period. The player became a daimyo living in the Sengoku Ran, enhancing military power through domestic politics, defeating other powers, and expanding its territory. Eventually he aims to achieve the unification of the world.

This work is the 16th work in the series. Some readers who are inexperienced in the series may hesitate to play now because they have a long history. You may think that it will be difficult with a hard strategic simulation game. This is because I had a similar impression in the past.

The first thing I mentioned in this series was more than a dozen years ago when Nobunaga’s Ambition / Tendo was released. Like this work, Koei Tecmo Games, a Sengoku Musou series, started playing because of his interest in Sengoku warlords. However, this kind of strategic simulation game was my first experience, so I was struggling to understand the game system. It didn’t go as expected. Nevertheless, if you throw it out as it is, you will continue playing the gamer’s shame. Eventually, as the understanding of the system progresses, it becomes interesting as soon as it is, and there are pale memories that have been overwhelmed by the main business.

After that, there was no opportunity to play the series, and although the blanks were quite empty, I heard the prior information of this work and my willingness to return. This work is a title to commemorate the milestone of the 40th anniversary of Shibusawa Kou, and is named New because of the enthusiasm of cutting the first step in a new series. And the tutorial elements are carefully and thickly prepared so that the players who touch the series for the first time do not get lost.

Meanwhile, this time I had the opportunity to play the Steam version from Koei Tecmo Games this time. In this article, I would like to spell out the game experience based on the viewpoint of whether to play the series for the first time or have not played for a long time on the road to the unification without hesitation.

Select the Oda family without hesitation

First, select the scenario and power before the game starts. The early scenario can be selected from Nobunaga’s clothes in January 1546 to the dream of May 1582. Depending on the selected scenario, the power map of each region changes, and the number of castles and warlords changes depending on the power. In other words, the combination of scenarios and power has a significant effect on the difficulty of the entire game. In this play, the scenario was Battle of Okezama, which started in April 1560, and the power picked up what was recommended in the tutorial textbook with Nobunaga Oda, Oda Family. In addition, the difficulty of the game option was Beginner for those who play for the first time. If you are in the series, it will be in the setting for beginners, but please understand that it also serves as a rehabilitation of the series.

When the game starts, in the interaction between Nobunaga and Hideyoshi, the purpose of the game and the rough flow are explained. There are also images that are visually easy to understand, such as presentation materials, and showed that they could put their efforts. Roughly introduced, the big purpose of the game is the unification of the world. The key to achieving its goal is knowledge, internal affairs, and war. At the beginning of the game, we will learn the basics of territorial management, based on these three elements.

In the tutorial that starts afterwards, the vassals are applied to be done next. The player selects each ingredient command and grasps the game system little by little while actually operating.

The territory development is left to the excellent vassal

The first thing I learned in the ingredients was Chikyo. It is a system that is the key to expanding power. In this work, the vassals will be appointed as the castle owner of each castle and the territory of the castle will be ruled. There are several territory called counties around the castle, which is given to vassals like the castle. Then, the vassal who has been appointed by the lord will develop the territory at each judgment. In other words, only the daimyo player should do which territory to the vassal of which territory. After that, the vassal developed domestic politics on behalf of the daimyo and developed the territory. It automatically increases money and soldiers.

That’s why I allocated the territory and looked at the vassals working, but there was an important job as a daimyo. In the home base where the daimyo is the castle owner, it was necessary to develop the territory of the daimyo himself. Immediately check the county situation on the map, consume money and effort, and seize and construct the village. I raised the national power. Regarding the home base, it will be voluntarily developed by appointing a representative for each county. Nevertheless, the income from the home base in the early stages of the game was extremely important, and I felt that Daimyo himself should work hard and contribute to development.

By the way, castle facilities can be built in each castle. Although the construction cost is somewhat popular, it can be expected to have a big effect. There are many types of facilities, such as merchant towns that develop commerce, training fields that increase troops, and towers that increase the durability of the castle. You can directly instruct the daimyo to which kind of facility to build, and you can leave the construction to the castle owner by specifying the castle policy. In that direct instructions are possible, it can be said that the player’s control has a significant effect on financial revenues.

Regarding the development of territory, which is the basis of national power improvement, it is an impression that the vassals will work efficiently by allocating the local area, making it easier than the conventional series. New players will be easier to grasp the system, and skilled people will be able to further increase the speed of power by sticking to vassal allocation and construction of castle facilities.

Leave the war warrant to the excellent vassal

By the way, if the national power increases by the knowledge, I want to experience the battle, which is the flower of the Warring States period. Before the war with the enemy, the daimyo should look at the unit of the unit. Which enemy castle will attack. In addition, it is important to decide when to attack. If you don’t attack after considering enemy troops, warlord abilities, and castle abilities, you’ll get a painful tail. This area may be a concern for beginners. In such a case, what if you get lost? Consult the vassal.

During the game, donation can be executed from the menu at the top of the top of the screen. A donation is, in a row, a consulting a vassal command. When you do it, the vassal will give you advice on what to do next, based on your self-power. At the time of donation, it may compare the military power between the self-power and the enemy power, and tell them the time to attack the enemy castle. Because of the advantage of a good vassal, it must be at the time of attack. By the way, the donation provides advice on all strategies, such as diplomatic and tactics, as well as war. If you are wondering what to do, you may want to consult with your vassal.

That’s why I entrusted all the war warrant to the vassals and took a tactic that only started when I was offered to now when I was attacked. The capture of the enemy castle can be performed by leaving the unit for the goal. The contents of the unit are reliable because the vassals will automatically propose before the departure. It is also possible to correctly correct the organizational contents proposed by yourself.

When you give an instruction for the departure, each unit will go to the goal. Fight with the enemy unit who has been contacted while controlling the enemy county. Then, when you reach the enemy castle, you will start a castle battle. If you can cut the durability of the enemy castle, it will be sunny and the control will be completed. By the way, during the march, the waist soldier is consumed, and when the soldier breaks, the troops gradually decrease. When the troops are exhausted, the unit is destroyed. Please note that warlords may die when destroyed.

The battle, which is the charm of the series, can be done if the daimyo unit participates in the battle or is nearby. When the battle starts, the stage shifts from the vast map to the battlefield. Eight units will be set up on one battlefield at the same time, and large-scale battles will be developed by up to 16 maximum enemies. During the battle, allied warlord moves and attacks the unit at each judgment. The gainer fluctuates due to the destruction of the enemy unit and the destruction of the building. Eventually, you will win by satisfying certain conditions, such as making the enemy’s general clerk 0 or defeating the enemy daimyo.

In the battle, many characters are confused and fight, and the battle situation changes in a blink of an eye. The highlight of the flashy production, such as cutting-in is inserted when the tactics are activated, which is a powerful skill for each warlord. The friendly unit AI was excellent, and if his strength was dominant, he left everything to his vassals, and just watched him.

However, it is not so easy in situations where the strength is disadvantageous. The exact judgment of the player, Daimyo, is also important. For example, if the unit can be moved arbitrarily and the enemy unit can be attacked from multiple directions, it will be pinched and cause heavy damage. If you control a special key point, you can arbitrarily activate a strategy, such as restoring the unit’s physical strength with inspiration, or damaging and confusing it with falling rocks. The pleasure of such a strategy has been successful and the pleasure of winning a victory that overturns the difference in troops is irreplaceable.

If you win a battle with many enemy units, the fame will reach the surrounding area, and the diplomatic posture of the enemy will change. In addition, enemy counties and castles turn over, and the loyalty of self-powered warlords rises, gaining greater benefits than normal battles. I want to actively aim for victory in the battle and make a dignified style as a daimyo who can follow the excellent vassal.

As a result of ignoring the advice of the vassal

The Oda family, who raised their national power with such a reliable playing with the vassals, overcome a number of battles and turned into a folded force. The tutorial was finally over, and the know-how of the war was learned from the vassal of the vassal, and things were going smoothly. At this time, the Uesugi family recommended the vassal as the next capture target. Probably because the total troops were overwhelming, and it was perfect for the soldiers. However, the writer, who was in a tengu state who did not know the taste of the defeat, tried to march the Mohri family, who has the same troops as the Oda family. For the first time, he had a vassal donation.

What happened as a result… I was painful and lost many troops. This was because it was a level that could win if you look at the Mori family alone, but at the same time as the departure, the Chosokabe family, who saw it as now is a good opportunity, came in. It is also the reason that I was thinking about the difficulty of the beginner’s game. It was anticipated that the AI good war would not be attacked because the AI good war would be set in a non-good war, but it seems that the enemy is not silent in the indecent strategy. As a result, it is not clear whether it was considering that much, but it would have been better to follow the vassal’s donation.

After a bitter experience, he listened to his vassals and rebuilt his power. The first thing we started was a review of Chikyo. Some vassals died in the war, and the territory allocated the space. Regarding the territory assignment, if the castle owner is high, he can leave multiple counties. Therefore, he appointed a high-ranking vassal as a castle owner and assigned an empty territory. He also issued multiple policies to improve his vassal status. Although it is expensive to maintain a policy, it can be expected to increase domestic politics and military power, such as the rise of vassals, the increase in money and the increase in soldiers.

At the same time, we started a revenge plan for the Chosokabe family, which dominates the Shikoku region. He performed any of his vassals proposed, such as the destruction and burning of enemy troops. And he started diplomacy with the Mohri family to make his perfect. He built a friendship and established an alliance so that he could not put the horizontal spear. After that, he began capturing the Chosokabe family in the future when his self-powered troops were restored. As a result of a year of about a year, I was able to control all the castles of the Chosokabe family. I feel that it was his vassal that the Shikoku region was in his hand.

Although the current road is visible, my dream of unification of the world is still in the middle. He wants to continue his step with his vassals.

Attractive vassal system for new ginseng players **

What I felt most attractive after the previous play of this work was the reliable vassal. It is the highest barrier for beginners to enjoy strategic simulation games until they grasp the system. Therefore, spontaneous behavior is a strategy example, and the presence of vassals who will always give advice when they are in trouble may be the biggest attraction for new and return players.

Of course, the appeal of the series cultivated over many years is the impression that it has been further polished. A 3D single map with a beautiful change in season. A battle with a sense of tension. A scenario movie that draws various historical phases dramatically. And while incorporating a number of new systems, the accumulation of domestic politics, combat, and strategies leads to the expansion of power, and the sense of accomplishment unique to a strategic simulation game is alive.

If you are not interested in the series in this article, please take the first step in this work. You will probably have your own Sengoku drama that you can’t talk about.