After the explosive growth of the Paul Guys, there was Epic Cross Play

Paul Guys, who moved to Epic Games, achieved 50 million players within two weeks of freeization. It was once again updated after surpassing 20 million players in 48 hours. This increase in the number of users will also have a broader accessibility due to the diversification of platforms expanded to Nintendo Switch and Xbox. However, ‘crossplay’ support, which provides the same game experience to these various platforms, also worked.

In March 2021, Epic Games acquired the Tonic Games Group with Paul Guys Developer Media Tonic, and a year later, Paul Guys was free. At the same time, Paul Guys began to support ‘crossplay’ and ‘cross program’ features on all platforms using the Epic Games account. As a result, the player can use the same account information and settings regardless of the service platform and hardware. In addition, different platform users can gather together to play comfortable games. This compatibility has made the user’s play experience irrelevant to the platform and acts as an element that provides equal play to everyone.

What is the effect of ‘crossplay’ in multiplayer games released on multiple platforms? This can be found through ‘Fortnite’. As of June 2020, Epic Games, which serves Fortnite, played with more than two devices as of June 2020, and an average of 44%of users enjoyed cross play, and cross play users average than players who did not. He said he enjoyed the game 1.5 hours more. In addition, 60%of the players in the game from March to June 2020 at Fortnite have a party through cross-play with players of different platforms.

In this way, the smooth connection that is possible on the platform and the rich user base secured through it also have a great impact on the user to participate in the game. This increase in participation rate naturally increases the popularity of the game, and also affects sales. This helps developers to develop and operate smoothly, so that new social contents and live content will continue to be created for players.

In addition to Fortnite described above, Epic Games has built its know-how with crossplay technology and experience accumulated in various multiplayer games such as rocket leagues. Considering the number of users and the evaluation of each game, it is safe to say that Epic Games is a leader in the field. Epic Games’ technology has had a significant influence with the ‘Paul Guys’, which is more fun as many users gather together quickly.

Davis developer of the Rocket League developer Psychonics said, The multiplayer game is a survival and needs a solid player base. The cross platform function is a much better experience than when each platform is separated by integrating all players. Crossplay is not the only advantage of being given only to users. In addition, Cross platforms allow you to survive smaller, experimental features and gameplay.In one platform, the number of users may be difficult to maintain alternative modes, but in the cross-platform ecosystem (which can maintain relatively smooth users), It may be successful, he said.

As such, Epic Games has demonstrated that it is the driving force that makes the game more frequent with the fun of playing together by introducing cross play from Fortnite and Rocket League to the Paul Guys. This means that the increase in users and the increase in sales are a trigger that helps the virtuous cycle between the developer and the user.

In this way, the border of the platform has a positive impact on both developers and users. This can be seen not only in Fortnite but also through games such as multiplayer game rocket leagues and Donlis.

Epic Games announced that it will launch an end-to-end solution that supports more stores and platforms more in the current function of ‘Epic Online Service’. ‘Epic Online Service’ is a service that helps game developers and developers to support cross-platforms and account links, and various games that support cross-platforms are recently used. Even now, as well as Unity, the end-to-end solution, supports major PCs, consoles and mobile platforms at the same time, will contribute to the popularization of crossplay and revitalizing the game industry. Expectations.