Forspoken is delayed until 2023

Originally planned for October 11, 2022, Forspoken_, the next great Square Enix game, has been delayed until the beginning of next year . Without a doubt, a quite complicated decision that almost nobody saw coming.

Through its official Twitter account, it has been revealed that Forspoken_ will arrive at PS5 and PC until January 24, 2023 . According to Square Enix, this decision was the result of ongoing discussions with key partners. This was what was mentioned in this regard:

As a result of the ongoing conversations with key partners, we have made the strategic decision to change the launch date of Forspoken as of January 24. All the elements of the video game are complete, and the development has entered its final optimization phase. We would like to thank everyone for continuous support and patience.

His enthusiasm for the game inspires us every day and we are eager to share more about Forspoken with you later this summer.

Although the details of this delay are a mystery, the attention that today also revealed the launch date of god of War Ragnarok was also revealed, and although these two titles have one month of separation, perhaps this could well affect the pre affects the pre–Dords of Forspoken .


This is not the first time this happens, since the game was going to the market originally in May of this year. Remember, Forspoken_ will arrive at PS5 and PC on January 24, 2023. On related issues, here you can check the most recent progress of the game.

Editor’s note:

A sad news. I was looking forward to playing Forspoken this year. However, this also releases the October load a bit, a month that is gradually filled with quite important releases.