Rogue action The successor to Little Noah Paradise is highly evaluated at Steam. Developers are joyful and suggest well

The successor of the Little Noah Paradise seems to have started a good start. Steam’s evaluation is very popular. When I talked to Cygames, the sales seemed to be doing well.

The successor to Little Noah Paradise is a rogue action game. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/PS4/Nintendo Switch. In this work, as a genius alchemist’s girl Noah, he explored the ancient archeological site. Go through various dungeons. The development is in charge of Cygames as well as Granding.

This work is a rogue light action. It is an action with a rogue element. Please refer to this article for the difference between roglike and rogue light. Explore random labyrinths, destroy enemies and open treasure chests, power up. At the end of the area, you will overcome the boss waiting for you and proceed to a new area.

In this work, an ally called Astral is operated instead of an attack. Each astral is set in a skill slot that corresponds to the operation button, and the action is taken out by using it. In addition to different costs and performance, it is possible to pick up and replace astral in the labyrinth. There is a deck-building element, such as which unit to combine.

This work is a relatively light-light action as a rogue light action, as it is officially introduced as easy rogue light. There are scenes where you can easily do it if you take care, but there is a lot of relief measures, focusing on enhancing Noah’s abilities by strengthening her base. It seems that such a series of gameplay and elements that spread the frontage are accepted.

Steam user reviews were very popular status as of 12:00 on July 4th, with a 93%popularity. It seems to be accepted as a rogue light that can enjoy a casual and refreshing feeling, including the goodness of the touch and the flashy of the production. You can also see the voices of the previous work Little Noah fans, which were developed as a mobile game. As for the number of reviews, English and simplified characters are 70 each, and Japanese is 32. It seems to be popular globally.

We talked to Hiroki Matsuura of Cygames, the director of this work, about this response. Regarding the height of the evaluation, I thought I could make a polite and good game, but I didn’t think I could get such a good response. I made a game to make everyone play and say interesting. I’m not so happy! However, I’m not used to being praised, so I’m a little sloppy (laughs). When I asked about the sales of this work, I received a comment saying, I can’t talk very much, but it’s very good! I’m really happy to pick it up!

He already asked a message to the players who purchased this work, and Matsuura has received the following comments:

Thank you for playing Little Noah Paradise’s successor while many interesting games are lined up!
As of July 1, the first free update and DLC debugging are almost over.
If you don’t have a big trouble, you can deliver it to you in August.
In the free update, we have a HELL mode (one-shot death!), And a new specification room, an additional astral, etc., so I hope you can look forward to it!

Although this work has a reputation for playing and the play, the volume of the end content is slightly modest as a Rogue Light Action Game. Such a part will be reinforced by the update. Developers seem to be pleased with high rating and sales.

The successor to Little Noah Paradise is on sale for 1500 yen (PS4 version only) for PC (Steam)/ Nintendo Switch/ PS4.