[Steam Summer Sale] Trauma class in many ways? GS Recommended Mental Fear Game 10 titles

From 2:00 am on June 24 to 2:00 am on July 8, a summer sale is being held on the PC Game Distribution Platform Steam. For those who have accumulated interest games in their wish list, and those who have recently started a new PC game, have a great chance. From topical works that everyone knows to maniac works, if you buy games, is now .

In this article, we pick up recommended works for titles with mental fear tags from many sales games. GAME*SPARK writer will introduce 10 Recommended Mental Fear Games of Steam Summer Sale!

Getting over it with bennet foddy

Getting Over it with with Bennett Foddy is also known as Tsuboo and Tsubo Uncle. This is a highly difficult action game in which a middle-aged man in the vase climbs rocky places and obstacles with one hammer in hand. All you need is to move the mouse. However, if you make a mistake and slide your feet, if you do poorly, you can start over from the beginning and play the previous play into water bubbles.

Save is auto-saved and no rewind is possible. Nevertheless, there is no unreasonable device, and it is carefully designed so that it can be captured well by grasping the tips. Last year, I cleared it in 4 years and a total play time of 41 hours, and then grabbed the tricks, and I was able to easily achieve the 50 laps of the vase golden.

jump king

Getting over it has already been cleared! How about JUMP KING where you can enjoy similar experiences? This is an action game that uses only jumps to climb up. Jump behavior has a little habit, and the flight distance and height change depending on the length of pressing the button. It is not always necessary to fly the maximum distance, and depending on the scaffold, fine adjustments are required.

In the second half, there are some parts that require a hard action to climb by using a rebound when crashing into the wall, and the feeling of despair when inadvertently stepped off is 1. However, if you get used to it, you can move as you want, and if you polish your skills, you will be able to play happily.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

When talking about the mental fear tag, the existence of this work will never be removed. In 2017, the original version of the store, the information on the store page is like a normal beautiful girl game, but in addition to the phrase It is not suitable for those who have children or mental illness. For some reason, many gamers came in the mental fear tag.

The enhanced version of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! In addition to functions and visual upgrades, new CG and side story are also recorded. You can enjoy the life of the literary club again (it seems that the plus version does not hide the psycho horror).

Little Nightmare

This work is a horror action game with the theme of fear and anxiety that I felt when I was a child. The player operates the protagonist’s child and rescues the girl trapped in a mysterious ship The Mou where a monster who has no appetite lives.

The highlight of this work is an eerie stage and creature. There are characters that make you feel eerie and uncomfortable, such as a chef with a bukkubuku look, and attacks the hero. The bundles with various DLCs and sequels are also eligible for sale.

Danganronpa series

The Danganronpa series, a video game monitored on Death Games, is also eligible for sale. This work is a mystery adventure game that performs Colosia in schools and southern islands where high school students with outstanding talent are gathered. An element that cannot be overlooked by the masterpiece of Death Games. You will surely hear the voice you know somewhere.

The reason for mental fear is probably in the execution scene of this work called Oshioki. Oshioki is based on the talent of each character, and the impact is intense anyway. The expression of the blood is also bright pink, and conversely, it emphasizes the eerie.


There is a box in the box, and there is a box in it again. From the concept that feels a little complicated, I thought, I want to see BABA IS YOU, it’s really a muzu puzzle…?

Because there is no horror element, the mental fear tag is probably the world of the laws that fall into a mysterious feeling and it seems difficult, but it is a title that is easy to play, so it is recommended. is.


It is a simulation adventure game that spends days while supporting becoming a popular distributor as a partner Pa of a girl who has a strong desire for approval and is a little sick. In addition to modern SNS and Vtuber-like culture, it also features a lot of geek culture tribute from the 1990s to the 00s.

Because it comes out with fresh depictions, such as self-harm and drug overdose, it is a title that is not suitable for those who are not good at such things and those who have had painful experience in the past, but a unique message. It is a hidden work.

Hand Simulator

This work is a simulator-based bakage that operates the hand. It is operated with a keyboard and mouse, but it is too poorly operable, and even having something is hard. You can’t do the process of cocking with ammunition in a gun and shooting for hours.

However, because they do not go as expected, the awkwardness of each other’s operations is interesting, and it is inevitable to play with a close friend. Many series works have been released.


A horror game set in Taiwan in the 1960s, which was under martial law. Live-action was also performed. In addition to the unique graphics, the politics, customs, and religions at the time are talked about through horror expressions.

Red Candle Games, who developed this work, is a Taiwanese developer. In addition, it has released Returned DEVOTION and it is a work that gives off its unique charm.


In December 2021, an indie RPG was finally distributed in the Japanese version. It is a work that incorporates elements such as death and depression. Other friends have a colorful depiction that only the protagonist is black and white even though it is colored.

Sometimes a scene with a creepy atmosphere is inserted between the RPG of the cute world view, and the disturbing world contained in cuteness disturb the player’s heart.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 is being held until 2:00 am on July 8. There are countless games for sale, so please check this article as well.