APEX Legends Mobile – Information about the next 14 legends appeared on the Web

Recently, more and more leaks appear about Apex Legends Mobile. One of these was information about future legends for the mobile version of the popular royal battle.

According to the Twitter account Leakers on Duty Apexm, which specializes in the found information on Apex Legends Mobile, interesting details about future legends were found in the game files. In total, the developers are planned to release 14 new heroes, some of them from the older version, while six will be exclusives, like Faid. Below you can find a list.

Also, this user was represented by a teaser image of one of the future exclusives. Perhaps he will appear after the end of the first rating season on July 8. The new legend is the name DJ, known as Rapsodia, and it has a companion in the form of a robot dog Roadi.

Of course, all the above information is unofficial, and then it is worth treating it accordingly.