Where to find the fifteenth heart of a giant on the island of wisdom in a lost ark?

When playing Lost ARK, you can earn various collecting items as a reward for searching for a sea of proceeds. Of these collection items, one of the most interesting is called giant heart . As indicated in collection items list, there are different ways to purchase these collection items. There are also various awards that you can unlock by visiting Island of wisdom and talking with Minerva .

The fifteenth heart of the giant This is the last that you can get, and it takes most time to get it. To get it, you need to fulfill all the previous 14 requirements of the heart of giants.

As soon as you receive the fourteenth heart of the giant, you will immediately after that get access to a quest called Giant’s Heart Restoration as a reward for its implementation. To fulfill the quest, you must pass the dungeon of the abyss of the 2nd level called the gates of paradise. As soon as you complete it, the giant’s heart will be automatically tied to your character.

Since this is the last heart of the giant that you can earn, you will also have the opportunity to earn the secret chest of the giant award from Minerva on the island of wisdom. This award gives you the title of soul resonance and the statue Hand of the Giant for your fortress.


Where is Minerva on the Island of Wisdom in Lost Ark?

The island of wisdom is located in the platinum ocean of the Protzervian Sea, right east of East Lutherra. When you arrive, you will find Minerva at the main entrance to the library.

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