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Ring Games attracts 6.5 billion won in Stella Fantasy

Game developer, Ring Games, a company, has succeeded in attracting $ 5 million in global investment with its first NFT RPG Stella Fantasy.

In this round investment, global investors such as Planetarium, Diance Capital, Play Ventures, Double Peak, D-Web 3 Capital, including lead partner Animoka brand, participated in the round investment.

Ling Games is a game developer founded in 2019 by major crews who succeeded in the global service of the hit game ‘Kings Raid’, which recorded 10 million downloads from 150 countries around the world. Fantasy> is being produced.

Yoon Joo-ho, CEO of Ling Games, said, We will further solidify our partnerships with global companies and investors through this investment attraction, and we will make sure that the company is preparing for the smooth service of Stella Fantasy.

YAT SIU, co-founder and co-chairman of the Animoka brand, said that it is good to pay attention to the enjoyment of the user through the high quality visuals, real-time action, originality, and the P2E game genre. I will support the project. ‘

Animoka brand, who participated as a lead investor in the Stella Fantasy Project, is a leader in the global game pie and blockchain divisions, and is currently contributing to the establishment of the next-generation open metavest ecosystem through more than 340 investment portfolios in NFT and decentralized projects.

Seo Ki-jun, co-representative of Planetarium, who participated as an investment and blockchain publishing partner in this project, also said, Stella fantasy is trying to target the global animation fandom market by combining stylish live action gameplay, unique collectible NFT, and blockchain-based compensation layers.. I am pleased to be able to support the vision of Ling Games with the best global partners.

As the news of the Animoka brand and the participation of major global investors including Planetarium, the news of the guild participation, the global users’ high quality and originality of the game are also increasing, and the participation in official homepages and disc codes is also increasing along with the hot interest of the high quality and originality of the game. It is visible.

Stella Fantasy, which reveals its global investment list and investment attraction, is developing with the goal of launching a global service at the end of August 2022, and will be launching a full-fledged marketing by holding a gameplay trailer and a white list event.