The private house escape horror STAY OUT OF THE HOUSE will be released next month. Escape from a murderer, a fearful work in which Low Poli and the 80s slasher intersect

On June 24, the developer Puppet Combo announced on June 24 that it will launch a first-person stealth horror game STAY OUT OFT THE HOUSE in July. The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

STAY OUT OF THE HOUSE is a first-person stealth survival horror game that runs away from a person eating murderer. Roxanne, the protagonist, is caught by a human eating murderer Butcher while searching for a boyfriend who has disappeared on her drive trip. When she wakes up, it is a fearful private house where the murderer lives. Her player operates her, who has been captured, and tries to escape from her house where her murderer lives. On the road of the escape drama, it seems that naso related to the murderer will be revealed.

The graphic of this work uses a PS1-style plasticgon, which is good at developer Puppet Combo. The overall atmosphere is influenced by the 80’s slasher horror movie, Devil’s Sacrifice and Hills Hub Eyes. Due to such impacts, the story will develop in a isolated private house, located between Texas and Oklahoma in the 1980s.

The player must escape from the private house by the third day, when the murderer is prey. Traps such as trip wires, trabicans and security cameras are scattered inside the building, refusing the progress of players. These traps increase when the player is caught or died. One mistake has an adverse effect on later play.

In the dark, a player who can hide is more advantageous, but residents who support the murderer in such a situation are also enemies. Grandma, the grandmother, and Baby, the baby, will attack the players directly and speak loudly to teach Butcher where they are. When the player is attacked by Butcher, an effect such as zapping on the video tape occurs. The effect reminiscent of disturbed video tapes stirs the fear and frustration of the player.


The player has fallen into a situation where he is unable to save, but he can also get a 38-caliber revolver pistol by proceeding with the search. It is an effective weapon for butcher, but it is difficult to obtain it, and the courage and wisdom to explore every corner will be tested. Players may also meet other victims. Victims can be released by the player. It seems that you can give instructions to move to a safe place. However, if Butcher finds the victim during the escape, it will be important to attack.

In this work, there are three stages: EASY, Medium, and Hard. The higher the difficulty, the more traps will increase, and the number of items that will help players will decrease. As a protagonist of a slasher horror movie in the 1980s, why not try to escape from a horror private house so that it doesn’t line up in the butcher kitchen?

Developer Puppet Combo announced on June 24 and introduced four other titles. Zombie Survival Night at the Gates of Hell, which is conscious of the 70’s, Power Drill Massacre escapes from the murderer swinging the drill, DEADLY NIGHT, which escapes from a sneaky murderer who prey on guests, The coin laundry horror BLOODWASH, which was influenced by, has been introduced. Since each work uses a low polygon that Puppet Combo is good at, if you are worried about this work, why not check out other works of Puppet Combo?

STAY OUT OF THE HOUSE will be released on PC (Steam) next July.