7 Openings of anime so good and addictive that you should not jump for anything in the world

There is something within the Delanime industry that fascinates us all and even people who have not even entered into Japanese animation consumes: the Openings . An introduction good enough of a work can cause you to see the anime even without knowing what is going, since the main tuning hooks you so much that you end up seeing the work in which it is.

That is why we have listed 7 openings of different anime that seem so good to us that it seems to us to jump forward, since plug us both in the wave of the work in question that we want to hear it infinite times before to start with the chapter.

Opening 16 by Naruto Shippuden: Silhouette de Kana-Boom

We could not start the top without one of the most emblematic songs in the world of anime . Many of those who do not see Naruto and only know his name, this song is often known by heart. The song that Kana-Boon composed for his album was a total success because the gigant ).

This song has become a anthem for fans of the seventh Hokage of Konoha , with a spectacular rhythm that makes you want to eat the world. Few songs are in this industry that are so motivating and legendary that it is, either for the moment, the way in which they sing or even the spectacular animation in Opening itself where you can see the most important characters Distribute firewood to right and left.

First Fullmetal Opening Alchemist Brotherhood: Again de Yui

One of the most round anime that has been made so far in the anime industry needed an opening at the height… and fulfills it. Again is a song composed of Yui, a Japanese singer-songwriter who after several after several Years in the shadow he returned in style with this song made precisely for the remake of an anime that also returned years later. The so melancholic style and lyrics fits quite well with the atmosphere and adventures of the Elric brothers in search of a solution to their problems with alchemy.

Edward and Alphense’s journey has been awarded an innumerable amount of prizes , in addition to being considered in the Olympus of the best anime in history with very select works such as Shingeki no Kyojin, Cowboy Bebop or even evangelion.

Opening 4 of haikyuu: Fly high !! of Burnout syndromes

Haikyuu is one of those sports anime that has caused an avalanche of fans for a specific discipline , in this case we talk about nothing more and nothing less than volleyball. Hinata and Kageyama’s trip to climb stations and rounds in the most important tournaments in Japan has caused a song to have a song from Burnout Syndromes , a fairly energy j-rock group that has already left great songs In other anime such as Gintama or Dr St1.

And it is not the only song they do, since the first opening of the third season of this work is also owned by the group. While the anime as such motivates a lot for its animation and spectacularly good soundtrack, Start a chapter with this song leaves you the testosterone and the hype by the clouds.

First Shingeki No Kyojin Opening: Guren no Gumiya de Linked Horizon

Such an important work had to start in a good way, and when we first listened to this intro in the first chapter we knew that this anime was going to give what to talk about. And it is that Linked Hortizon is not at all newbies to The time to do openings, since they carry their entire career by putting voice and music to many Japanese works that although they have not reached our lands have been a success in the Japanese zone.

Of course, has cost us to choose what opening to choose for this anime since almost all of us who have heard We saw in the fourth season it was also a total bomb. But the truth is that we have opted for something classic and that helped us to enter this incredible work created by Isayama. Long life to Shingeki.

First Opening of Sword Art Online: Crossing Field de Lisa

We arrive at a work that differs quite the quality of opening with the quality of anime . Sword Art Online is one of those anime that to start cool, but that if you look closely at its details it is a quite simple and poor work. However, if we start listening to the first opening gives us sufficient motivation to endure the episodes and eat the first season in less than a rooster sings.

And it is that one of the queens of the J-Pop in Japanese territory is Lisa , a laureate singer-song Hook, motivate, and give us enough impulse to continue fighting. In addition to continuing to put voice to this anime, she has also participated in the first season and the Kimetsu No Yaiba movie, in addition to being one of the most remembered voices and for which she announced: Angel Beats.

First Opening of Jujutsu Kaisen: Kaikai Kitan De Eve


The most recent anime of the entire list and those that has most fallen in love with the public. The presentation of Itadori, Gojo and company was a massive madness with a spectacular first chapter, but there is something that fell in love since the first note was his opening. Full of energy, passion and with acute but effective tonalities, it manages to catch us while we see a spectacular animation by Mappa, which did a more than outstanding job with Jujutsu Kaisen.

The author of this song is Eve, a singer who jumped to the Raiz Fame from a cover back in 2009 and is currently in the flower of his life after jumping to international fame with Kaikai Kitan and another very enjoyable intro as It is Dororo’s, which is in prime video and you can enjoy beginning to end if you have a prime Amazon.

Opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion: A Cruel Angel’s Gosis of Yōko Takahashi

Last but not much less important we have the one that for many is The best the anime industry : Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hideaki Anno’s magna is spectacular in every way, and as expected, the opening of him is a living legend of Japanese culture. Created by singer Yoko Takahashi expressly for the work of wicks, it is one of the hymns of her fans and when singing it in concerts the public leaves everything to demonstrate her love for the epic of Shinji and company.

The song has given rise to numerous memes and unforgettable moments for all , which is why in addition to the importance of the work as such and its impact worldwide, the song alone is a real madness in all in all the senses. Hopefully one day we can hear it again in a remake or reboot of anime and that, once and for all, Asuka can wish us a happy Thursday to all.