The teaser trailer for the sixth season My Hero Academy

Bones (Steel Alchemist) published another teaser trailer for the new episodes My Hero Academy-the sixth season and the adaptation of the Arch War with the Paranormal Front of Liberation.

The students of the Yuei Academy, led by Deco, Bakugo and Shotoi, have to join professional heroes, ready to repulse the villains, whose positions were strengthened after leaving the omnipotent stage. But before the premiere of continuation of fans, a warm-up in the format of two OVA is waiting.

The Hero Baseball League is dedicated to baseball with quirks, and Laugh! As if you are in hell -a practice that the trio of the main characters passed under the leadership of the indomitable. Both special issues will be shown on August 1, a month after the debut in cinemas.

The broadcast of the My Heroic Academy will resume in the fall, including Crunchyroll.