Backfirewall _: tragicomic adventure revealed

Tale: You, the upgrade aide, was appointed by the threatening upgrade protocol to upgrade the smart phone system. The old, wrong OS9, which in no method does not desire to be eliminated, has various other strategies.

Author done in! Games as well as the designer Naraven Games guided by women announce that their first industrial title, Backfirewall _, will appear this year for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | s, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Backfirewallis an incredible Nano trip in which you adjust your surroundings to address problems, locate pests as well as utilize rip off codes to disturb the upgrade. Discover what is actually taking place in your mobile phone as well as thinks of the continuous battle in between self-preservation as well as worthy sacrifice. Decide itself: did OS9 actually deserve to be disposed of, or exists a method to get it?


Backfirewalldescribes the suffering of programs, the code of which is regularly deleted as well as replaced during technological development. Explore a wonderful as well as strange mobile phone atmosphere that is breaking with life and also treacherous conversations.

We desire the gamers to have the sensation of playing in a Pixar movie, and also at the exact same time assuming concerning the rather thoughtless method which we interact with our day-to-day electronic tools, claims Julia Jean, Creative Supervisor of Naraven Games. If you consider it two times after playing backfirewallbefore you upgrade your cellular phone, we have reached our objective!

Backfirewallis a rejuvenating and also really one-of-a-kind method for a narrative journey, and we are happy to be able to use such an enjoyable and valuable experience with which everybody can recognize, stated Raul Nieto, Head of Advertising and marketing with all in! Games. Naraven Games have produced something actually initial that interest our daily connectivity to mathematical digital systems and also our persisting partnership with our smartphones.

Backfirewalltake you into a tragicomic experience with the saucy, self-confident operating system OS9. From today as well as until June 20, Backfirewalltakes part in the Heavy steam Next festival.

Navigates through the bureaucratic nightmare of the WLAN or commemorates in the unique bar of the spokesman and satisfies lots of quirky characters, each of them an irreplaceable piece of objectified software program with their own abundant data history, brought to life with legendary voice actors!

Backfirewalltake you into a tragicomic adventure with the cheeky, self-confident operating system OS9. Backfirewallis an incredible Nano trip in which you control your surroundings to fix challenges, locate insects and utilize cheat codes to disturb the update. >

Backfirewallis a as well as distinct really unique revitalizing for a narrative adventure, and also are happy delighted be able to offer such an entertaining amusing as well as experience with which everyone can identify, said Raul Nieto, Head of Marketing advertising and marketing all in!