F1 22 verifies digital launch truth with a gameplay that brings us closer to the final experience

Among one of the most striking is the compatibility with virtual reality on computer from the day of the launch. The official Twitter account of the video game has actually validated it, being able to utilize the different suitable devices. For the statement he has actually had Charles Leclerc , official Ferrari pilot and also present world champion aiming regardless of his desertion in the Baku GP.

There is less than a month to play F1 22, the brand-new installment of CodeMasters with Electronic Arts that will certainly take the competition of Formula 1 to computer and consoles once again. Along with what was shown in its initial gameplay trailer, we already know some extra novelties with which it will certainly have.


Following to the announcement, from IGN they use us a substantial gameplay where we manage Leclerc itself in VR. In the video clip we see the Circuit of Canada from the Ferrari Cabin, all while it rains as well as the decreases are shown in our visor. There are no warnings or clicks by Antonio Lobato, just pure and also tough driving from within:

As we have discussed at the beginning, there is very little to be able to put the glove to F1 22, which will be released on computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and also Xbox Series X | S On July 1 . At the day we can confirm its main uniqueness: Life F1, a social center with which we can benefit from the appeal from the competitors.