Is there two episodes? 3 Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator returns to three. Two episodes have never come out.

The Goat Simulator 3 was unveiled at the Summer Game Fest, which was held dawn on June 10. ‘Summer Game Fest’ is a game showcase hosted by Canadian game journalist Jeff Kaye since 2020.

The Chlorine Simulator, launched in 2014, is a title that twisted the genre of simulation that was popular at the time. Originally, there was no plan to launch on-time, but after the online release, it was sold by fans’ explosive reactions. Often, simulation games have laughed as unrealistic and absurd game systems.


As you can see from the development story and game content, Goat Simulator is a game where the crew’s playful players are filled with inside and outside the system. For example, in the game, the crew can often find bugs that have not been corrected.

The sequel to the Goat Simulator, which was released in eight years, is also different from the title. I skipped two and went straight to three episodes.

You can also find a unique humor sense in the game trailer. First of all, the overall content is the parody of the well-known Dead Island 2 trailer. A man jogs without realizing the mess behind him. The other thing is that the subjects who are crazy are goats, not zombies.

The goats in the problem have a strange dress and equipment and have all kinds of accidents. You can see people with an electric shock to humans, matching them with porridge, or shooting unidentified beams to increase the size of the head. Due to the nature of the game, they are likely to appear in in-games.

In the official introduction of the game, the crew said, Got Simulator 3 is another stupid game. Can you learn how to become friends with a local chlorine with this game? Probably not. It would be wise to learn about real goats through animal scholars such as David Athon Burger or other media. The game is scheduled to be released this fall.