GENSHIN IMPACT June 2022: Free protogem codes, blackberry and experience coins

Genshin impact fans have another ration of protogems, experience and free-free Mora Coins thanks to the last Juno codes . This is all they give us with the formula of Reem code in June 2022 **.

It doesn’t matter if you play from PC, PS4, PS5, iOS or Android, to get the awards that await you below you should simp With the awards.








60 protogemas and 5 xp



50 protogemas and 3 hero mills.

Remember that you can only use the code once a character and that the awards will appear in the genshin impact when you log in again. In order to redeem the codes you need to have reached level 10 of adventure.

Do not take long to redeem them, the Genshin Impact codes expire much before other games of this style and it would be a shame that all those free protogems were lost in the infinity of the Internet without being able to enjoy them.

Stay tuned because we will update the codes when new surprises are expired and arrive at the hands of the new update that is published today. Enjoy them!

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