Enpixel recruitment internships… Training excellent talent

[Moon Moon Young-soo reporter] Enpixel (co-representative Bae Bong-gun, Jung Hyun-ho) announced on the 30th that it will recruit applicants for recruitment internship program ‘Summer and Summer En Pixel’.

This internship will be held for various job groups such as programming, game client, server, art, UI, web design, and corporate strategy, with the goal of fostering excellent talents through mentoring between the company and the applicant.

In particular, the programming job group provides a creative development environment and practical experience through a practical internship that participates in the development process of the next film ‘Chrono Odyssey’.

The Basics in Building Programs to Develop Talent Pipelines for the Longterm
By June 13th, the company will be able to apply for internship programs through the corporate recruitment site.

Successful candidates have various experience opportunities for corporate culture as well as business culture through various support programs and job special lectures, along with welfare benefits such as welcome kits, in-house cafes, and lunch support for about 10 weeks from early July. It is provided.

Enpixel is a startup founded in September 2017, and is preparing for a number of new projects such as the next project, ‘Grandaga’, following the first project ‘Grandaga’, and is highly appreciated by the growth potential. I posted a name.

Meanwhile, Enpixel moved its office to the center field of Yeoksam-dong to improve the working environment and infrastructure in February, following the ‘Global’ keyword following the domestic and Japanese service of Grandaga.