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In the animated anthology, Star Wars: Jedi Stories will show ASOKU. There are shots

New PREQUEL Show FOOTAGE! - Tales of the Jedi
In addition to the Star Wars: the Adventures of the Young Jedi, another animated series awaits the audience-the anthology of the Jedi Stories beyond the authorship of Dave Filoni.

To begin with, the creator of the “Wars of Clones” will offer fans of the distant, distant galaxy six stories about the Jedi of the prequels. Count Duku, Kwai-Gon Jinn, will light up on concept arts (the adult version will be voiced by Liam Nison, and the young-his son Michael) and Mais Windu. Even Yaddl, a tribe of iodine, will appear in the frame. However, shots with a baby ASOKU are of particular interest.

Announcement of the children’s animated series on “Star Wars” about iodine and youngnesses in the heyday of the republic

She, like Duku, highlighted three stories. One of the episodes, “Life and Death”, was shown at Star Wars Celebration-15 minutes are dedicated to the life of the studs on the native planet Togruta, before she was taken to the Coruscant’s Temple. Ahead of ASOKA acquaintance with the plow Kun, training and the battle with the inquisitor.

By the way, the girl’s mother was voiced by Yanina Havankar-Eden Versio from Star Wars Battlefront II.

The broadcast of “Star Wars: The History of the Jedi” will begin on Disney+ in the fall.