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Paizo, Pathfinder editor, has a new president

Paizo, the popular board games editor pionero andStar boys,have announced that they have a new president. Jim Butler, formerly Vice President of Marketing and Licenses of the company, was appointed president this week. Butler began his career designer and writer of calabozos y dragones adventures changed to the commercial side of the game industry after the founder of Wizards of the Coast, Peter Adkison, said he wanted “players with business titles” involved in your company. Butler will administer the daily activities of Paizo, at the same time that he planns the future of the company.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Jim from his days in TSR until his time working at Dungoons & Dragons 3rd Edition in Wizards of the Coast, and now working with me in Paizo,” said Paizo General Director Lisa Stevens, In a press release. announcing the promotion of Butler. “Jim is a worker visionary whose almost three decades of experience make him the perfect person to guide Paizo towards the third decade of him.”

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“I am grateful for the confidence that Lisa and the leadership team have deposited in me to lead Paizo,” Butler said in the same press release. “I hope to work with my coworkers to take the company to the next era of table excellence.”

Paizo began as a magazine editor whose main work included managing the monthly publication Continuar Wizards of the Coast. When Wizards of the Coast began the plans to update calabozos and dragons In 2019, Paizo updated _pionero to the second edition, which speeds up combat and retains the numerous characters creation options that players expect.

The previous president of Paizo, Jeff Alvarez, resigned from the position citing health reasons after a period of almost two years in office. It is not clear if Álvarez will remain involved with Paizo in some way.

Butler is still an active player and currently participates in two separate games. Pionero Campaigns Butler plays as a Druid Kobold in a pathfinder 1e the rebellion of the lords of the Runas Campaign, while he gms a Maldition of extinction campaign for Explorador 2e.