How to get through the Halladay and Friends program in MLB: The Show 22

The Halladay and Friends program is the last main program that appeared in MLB: The Show 22. This means that all the experience earned in all game modes will be included in the Halladay and Friends program. You have to unlock 40 levels and many awards, so how can I go through the new Halladay and Friends program?

Experience can be earned in any game mode, and it will help you go through the program, but to complete the program you may have to participate in special missions released for the program. To select missions for execution, in the main Diamond Dynasty menu, select the “Selected Program”, then scroll down to the missions.

From there you will see daily moments, selected software moments, weekly missions and conquest complete. These special missions will reward you with a lot of experience and will help you go through the program.

daily moments

Daily moments can be performed every day, and usually they give 1000 XP each. Most daily moments are situations related to one game, and usually take place at the level of the complexity of “beginner” or “veteran”. Every day you need to fulfill three points to earn a lot of XP to receive Halladay and Friends awards.

Selected Moments of the Program

You have to complete 10 selected software points, for each of which you will receive 2000 XP. Selected software points allow you to manage players from software rewards to complete a certain game situation. Recommended software points are a great way to test players and earn up to 20,000 XP.

weekly missions

Weekly missions can vary from game situations to obtaining parallel experience for certain players. The mission of the week 1 requires you to earn parallel experience with the players of Legend and Flashback. To find out which players meet the requirements, select the mission of the first week and look at the allocated players in each mission.

ringing bell Conquest

The conquest “Rinse Bell” can be found in a single game, and for fulfilling all the goals of conquering you will receive 30,000 XP for Halladus and Friends. The target goals are quite simple and have no temporary goals, so in the end you can win the whole card. The conquest “Ringing Bell” also gives a reward in the form of the skin and socks of the bat, the armed forces, which expires on June 3.

The Hallady and Friends program reaches 500,000 XP, so you will have to work to get to the end. Even if you fulfill all missions, you still have to earn more XP. Fortunately, daily moments and new weekly missions will help you complete the program, so check if there are new missions that need to be fulfilled. The Halladay and Friends program will also be completed on June 3, so in a hurry to get these awards.

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