Genshin Impact Character Heizou Abilities, constellations, and Release Date

Genshin Impact Heizou’s announcement did not convince the community, but the character’s abilities have fallen in love with all players. Find out all the details about the first male Catalyst user coming to Genshin Impact and what are the unique characteristics of him, including his abilities.

Genshin Impact is preparing to carry out the launch of a unique character in the game. This situation has generated many expectations and is accompanied by more distinctive characteristics, such as being a true expert in martial arts who hits with an assortment of punches and kicks. Heizou will be the first hero to use the catalyst. Until now, this element had been reserved for the female protagonists of the adventure.

Heizou’s abilities and gameplay
Although the character’s design did not fully convince the Genshin Impact community, the details revealed about its gameplay have been enough to silence criticism. Heizou will have fluid and very original movements, among which his extreme dedication to hand-to-hand combat stands out. His basic blows will be simple punches and kicks that will apply the Anemo element on enemies, and he will have the most successful spells that promise to make him a great character. Please note that everything may change before release from here on out, and translations are very tentative.
Elemental Skill – Heartstop Strike: By pressing the corresponding button, Heizou wields the winds and launches a Heartstop Strike that deals Anemo damage. If you hold down the button, he builds energy and increases the power of the blow to attack forward and deal even more Anemo damage in a larger area.
Ultimate Ability – Wind Kick: Heizou leaps into the air to hit his opponents with a kick, launching an Anemo projectile that deals AoE damage. If this hit affects an enemy affected by Hydro, Pyro, Cyro, or Electro, it creates a second burst of area damage-dealing damage from whatever element it reacts with.
Passive 1 – Paradoxical Practice: When Heizou activates an Elemental Reaction, he gains a stack of Heartstop Strike. The effect can stack every 0.1 seconds.
Passive 2 – Piercing Reasoning: After Heartstop Strike deals damage to an enemy, it increases the Elemental Mastery of all team members by 80.
Passive 3 – Preexisting Guilt: Reduces the stamina consumption of team members by 20%.

The truth is that the skills are exciting and can lead to an enjoyable playable loop with constant changes, allowing you to act as a DPS or SUBDPS, depending on your statistics. In addition, rumors suggest that he is a four-star character and the illusion of the community is that he is the counterpart of Bennett, Xiangling, or Xingqiu. These characters do not boast the most extraordinary rarity, but they are some of the most used due to their incredible power.

these will be the constellations of Heizou
In addition to the abilities, what could be the constellations of this character have also been revealed. Many of them are pretty important, and we’re betting players will want to get the top four at a minimum to maximize Hiezou’s performance in combat.

Youth Studies Book
Constellation 1
For 5 seconds after Heizou enters the battlefield, his base attack speed increases by 15%. He also gains one stack of Heartstop Strike. This effect can be activated once every 10 seconds.

Research collection
Constellation 2
When the Slam, the explosion generated by the Wind Kick explodes, pulling in nearby enemies.

Esoteric Puzzle Book
Constellation 3
Increases the level of Heartstop Strike by 3, setting the maximum to 15

Tome of Lies
Constellation 4
The first explosion caused by a Wind Kick regenerates nine energy to Heizou. Successive bursts also regenerate 1.5 points up to a maximum of 13.5.

Secret file
Constellation 5
Increases the level of Wind Kick by 3. The maximum increase is set to 15.

Curious Files
Constellation 6
Each stack of Heartstop Strike increases the critical hit rate by 4%. When the maximum is reached, it increases to 32%.

Heizou Ascension Materials
We haven’t prepared Heizou’s ascension guide yet because the materials needed may change. However, it would be a good idea to start accumulating the ones that have been marked as most likely in the leaks since they tend to come true. So far, it has been revealed that Inazuma’s character Anemo will need
Ruins Serpent (x46)
Maxim of Catastrophe (x18)
Vayda Turquoise (1x bit, 9x shard, 9x chunk, 6x whole
Transience buffs (x9 guides, x63 teachings, x114 philosophies)
Devil Scarab ( x168 )
Raven Insignia (Bronze x18, Silver x66, Gold x93)
Crowns of Wisdom (x3)

When does Heizou come out?
Lastly, we want to remind you of Heizou’s release date. Since HoYoverse, they have not confirmed it yet, but it is expected to take place in version 2.8. Everything we know about the character so far relates him to Inazuma, and it would not be logical for the premiere to take place after the departure of Sumeru or the arrival of the Dendro Element. However, it is almost impossible to determine a date even if we know this. Genshin Impact usually updates last six weeks, but due to the particular circumstances of this 2.6, we don’t know when the following versions will arrive.