“Satan for part -time work!” as a suitable alloy of everyday life, romance and fantasy

In the distant 2013, one good anime saw the light – “Satan for part -time work!” (Hataraku Maou-Sama! Or “The working prince of darkness”, if literally) from White Fox (“Re: Zero. Life from scratch in an alternative world”, “Goblin killer”). And yet, after the final of the first season, the series was thrown into a long box, from where they did not take out for nine years. Finally, the time has come for resuscitation and continuation, which will be shown in July. Satoshi finished the work on illustrated 029 Ranobe Vagahara a couple of years ago, there are 21 volumes and six more additional ones. Well, the author, with the support of different artists, switched to manga, including the adaptation of the original source and two spin-offs. All this, under the imprint, Dengeki Bunko publishes ASCII Media Works, owned by Kadokawa. The story has not yet reached Russia not too significant and popular.

So, Mao Sadao is a responsible and purposeful employee of the MGRONALD’s fast food network (and such names here are completely nearby, like a parody of McDonald’s, KFC or another popular brand), which is rapidly moving along the career ladder. An exemplary tenant, employee, comrade and friend. But we rewind a little back: the real name of our protagonist – Satan, the prince of darkness from the world of Sword and Magic Ente Isla, who, with the help of four generals of varying degrees of fidelity and demonic legions, tried, plunging the states, knights and the church, seize the possessions of the land surrounding him and was defeated Emilia from the Hero-Poloangel Hero Hero, after which he was forced to flee through the portal, thundering to modern Tokyo. Where he quickly got used to it and, with the support of faithful Alsiel, began his way to dominance over humanity with part -time jobs in one of the erective.

Although with magic in Japan and tight, there were enough residues to make certificates of new realities, to get hold of documents, money for the first time and housing. Well, those crumbs that can be collected in our world go to battles with other guests with Ente Isla. Of course, Emilia, now a specialist in the technical support service, went after the embodiment of evil, and she was not al1. True, if we already have a comedy, and not serious cabbage soup, then ultimately the heroes somehow get along with each other and natives, pushing conflicts into the background. The narrative neatly balances between situations at work and in personal life and crises of magical nature.

Anime is simple, does not claim anything, so why did many viewers delight the announcement of new episodes? Well, firstly, the series can boast of some kind of originality, as far as possible after thousands of previously released anime. Secondly, it very successfully combines scenes from everyday life with fantasy elements, and both sides complement each other well. Thirdly, the design of the characters did not disappoint-both the visual part and the characters, whether it is the ambitious Satan, the future king of the fast food of the country of the rising sun, or Hikikomori Lucifer, the once fallen angel, who was fought by the hordes of demons.

The second season, by the way, was handed over to another studio. Studio 3Hz is known for Sword Art Online Alternate: Gun Gale Online, so you should not worry about the visual series. But the trailer showed a noticeable change in the appearance of the heroes (it was here that the change in the style is most noticeable), and clearly not for the better – at White Fox they went much more attractive and lively, or something. And this undermines one of the main advantages of the series. From the old team, the scriptwriter Yokotani Masakhiro (“accelerated world”, “free style!”, Re: zero) and the composer of Tedzhima Akemi, in the directorial chair this time, were located, Zukushi Daiske (“Homeless God”, “Godzilla: a special point: a special point “).

With the graphics will have to come to terms, but the relationship between the characters in ordinary and not very situations, whether at home, at work, during the festival or in other classical situations, will hardly undergo changes. This is important, because we are talking about the foundation of anime for lack of some thorough and worked out global plot. There is only some development of the characters and the disclosure of the true essence of the prince of darkness, followed by a love triangle. As for the new episodes, Alus Ramus will become the story of the narrative – it seems like the daughter of Sadao and Emilia. More awkwardness, more responsibility, more funny scenes.

However, the romantic topic is more likely only outlined, although it is immediately clear what the case is about. But so far no harem, a minimum of love lyrics and other things. No spectacular battles were brought in fact either: “Satan on the part -time work!” First of all, about moments from life seasoned with fantasy things. The anime bribes just with the simplicity and the absence of unnecessary excesses in the narrative and the picture – the very thing is to kill the time between the viewing of serious titles from the major league. In addition, albeit with a stretch, it turned out a sort of IDKAI on the contrary: from a sword and magic to modern technologies.

“Satan for part -time work!”
– Not anime from the list for mandatory familiarization, it can be missed without losing anything.

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Nevertheless, it is worth highlighting several hours of life on it, because it is worth it, as well as the efforts spent on the production of the second season.