Red dead redemption 2

Returns more terribly, released in January next year

Dead Space, which was one of the most pronounced horror games, but was disappointed due to a break, returns to a new look. Dead Space remake, which reorganizes sound and visuals, will be released on January 27 next year.

The news was announced online on the 12th (local basis) online broadcasting. The motif studio crew, who is developing the game, introduced the details of the dead space remake visuals in detail through the broadcast.

Dead Space, which was released in 2008, dealt with the journey of the main character Izak Clark, who faced Necromorp, who suddenly appeared in the spaceship Ishimura. It is characterized by a tense battle and fear that deals with monsters that may pop out of the closed spaceship, the gore action that cuts the enemy limbs, and the stylish UI naturally applied to the play screen.

In the remake, which will be released next year, the hardship of tool warriors is expected to end. Through this online broadcast, the crew explained that the overall visuals of the game such as spaceships, Isaac’s costumes and equipment, and Necromorph have been torn down in modern times.

Return to Space | Official Trailer | Netflix

In particular, for the enemy Necromov, the crew consists of an individually combination of each part modeling such as arms, legs, torso, joints, and long -term, and can taste realistic cutting action with much more gorge than the original. I explained that it would be. In addition, he said that it will show more fearful directing with fog and smoke effects that were impossible at the time of the development of the first part.

Meanwhile, Kalisto Protocol, a horror new work, which was overlooked by Glans Scofield, who served as a dead space 1 producer, also announced its launch in the second half of this year. Dead Space’s original title and one -part game of the game was made.