Kyrie Irving despotric against Celtics fans while lives on Twitch

Kyrie Irving, the star base of the Brooklyn Nets, discovered that his season in the NBA was coming to an end not long ago when the Nets were eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics. Now, to kill time in the low season, Irving has begun to spend more time on Twitch, mainly while he plays. Grand Theft Auto online. As expected, Irving’s Twitch chat has been full of many comments that often throw shadow on the NBA star. However, in turn, Irving has been applauding many of these comments.

In a recent transmission on his Twitch channel, Irving began specifically to respond to calls on his chat that he should play again for Cleveland Cavaliers or Boston Celtics. Using a complaining tone, Irving began to imitate how he saw the comments on his own side. “Oh, Kyrie, what are you doing at home?” This is how they sound to me, “he said mockingly. “They return to Cleveland, oh my God, Boston hates them, oh my God,” this is how they sound to me: cockroaches. “

You can find the complete clip of Bleacher Report below:

If he wonders why Irving is directing this energy to the Celtics fans, as mentioned, he actually used to play in Boston for himself. While he was there, Irving recorded that he would like to stay with the long -term Celtics. However, he ended up starting in 2019 and joined the Nets, which ended up leaving the Celtics fans feeling burned. Since then, both Irving and Boston fans have continued to go to each other and clearly, this same energy has now extended to their Twitch transmissions.

It remains if Irving will continue to interact with his audience on Twitch in this way as time passes, but he clearly tired of enduring comments like this. However, for the moment, the Celtics fans seem to have laughed the latter, especially because his team (at least at the time of writing this article) is still alive in the NBA playoffs.