Our earth in Minecraft: German construction team shines in the mega

Санкт-Петербург в Minecraft 1 к 1! САМЫЙ МАСШТАБНЫЙ ИВЕНТ в истории команды!
For more than two years, a huge team of Minecraft players has been sitting on the most ambitious mammoth project of the Sandbox Games. The goal is to recreate our planet in a 1-1 scale. And Germany is at the forefront. As the largest construction team, they show in an exciting challenge how quickly our country can be built.

Update from May 13th:

mega project in Minecraft: Germans start challenge

What started as a utopian project in 2020 has now taken impressive form: The project “Build the Earth “.

Even after more than two years, it is still on track. On its YouTube channel, the founder Pippenfts regularly shows updates to the construction project.

On the in-house Discord server, 151,454 construction-like Minecraft players have come together. One of the largest construction teams comes from Germany. This consists of over 20,000 members.

In a video you challenge the inventor Pippenfts to a challenge: Who can rebuild Germany faster? If you are powerful, you can watch the exciting construction match in full:

The city of Passau **, the German construction team against the team of the founders “Build IT 1: 1”, is built in a given period. In the first part of the challenge it quickly becomes clear how talented and fixed the German Minecraft builders.

So Pippenfts had to come up with a secret master plan to triumph against them. So he secretly hired other players in the discord and agreed not to present the built buildings until the final deadline.

In the end, he wins with 290 buildings built opposite 192 by the German team . Despite the loss, Pippenfts praises the incredible commitment and the enormous speed of the German players.

And in the end everyone has won, because Germany is now a lot more complete in the mega project Build the Earth.


10 INDERE MINECRAFT buildings from the real world

The insane and unique Minecraft project Build the Earth started at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Even then, tens of thousands were enthusiastic about the blatant project.

In the meantime, Build the Earth has grown around a number of members and about 6,000 Minecraft-Erbauer are working hard to complete the ambitious goal. The best buildings are chosen at regular intervals to motivate the players and to reward their efforts.

Now the founder of the project – pippings – has taken a closer look at all previous buildings and locations and, in his opinion, presents the ten most impressive buildings **.

Real jewelry such as the Taj Mahal are shown. The video also makes it clear what great progress made the project in general. Too often ambitious Minecraft fan projects in the sand and cannot withstand their great ideas.

Build the Earth does not seem to fail because of its huge expectations and in the following Video (comment in English) presents the incredible achievements of over thousands of volunteers around the world:

Due to the now grown size of the project and the associated costs, the creators have set up a Patreon account. Players who want to support this project and also want to support them financially can do this with a membership .

_Wenn you get bored in Minecraft, you can join the project yourself, or you will try the following ideas of our image series: _

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The earth in Minecraft: Mods and Google Maps make it possible

A new and gigantic Minecraft construction project is presented in an atmospheric video on the YouTube channel Pippenfts that the fan hearts there should make faster. The aim is to recreate the entire earth and its buildings on the original scale:

The “Terra 1: 1” mod is used as a basic building for the planet. This uses the data from Google Maps and other geographical archives and can thus implement and map forests, water, mountains, streets, streets and other geographical conditions in a “1 to 1” scale .

Another mod called Cubic Chunks levers the usual vertical Minecraft level limitation , for example, in order to be able to map the Himalaya Mountains in its full height. In the standard version of Minecraft, it is not possible to build beyond a height of 256 blocks.

Since these already impressive mods have their limits and not all subtleties of the real world can reproduce, fine work and repairs must still be made from human hands . This refers to buildings or landscapes that have been artificially created. The pyramids in Cairo, for example, are reproduced by the mod as conventional mountains.

This is the impetus for a huge project , in which anyone who meets a few requirements can participate in the implementation of the earth.

The video explains exactly which modifications are needed and how they are to be installed. The navigation within the world is also explained.

You can help shape the earth and explore unknown secrets

So if you want to put your own hand on the Eiffel Tower or the snowy glaciers of the highest mountains in the world, you can join the project by logging into the official Discord server. All necessary requirements and information are provided there. Started with tens of thousands, there are currently over 236,000 members from all possible nations in the channel.

The unexplored world borders offer a special incentive of the Minecraft map. The map is even more extensive than our real planet. Who knows, maybe you will find the end of the world…

tests whether you are a student or master

You may be excited to see how this impressive Minecraft project is developing. How do you find build the Earth? Are you going to participate? Like to describe your thoughts in the comments.